The Berlin International Film Festival (Feb 10-20) hasunveiled the full programme of the 35th International Forum of New Cinema, which focuses largely on films by new and youngdirectors.

The programme, which is one of the key festival strands alongsidethe main competition, Panorama, the Kinderfilmfest and the Perspektive DeutschesKino, is billed by the organisers as sassy, playful and colourful. It consistsof 39 feature and documentary films, including 16 debut works and 24 worldpremieres. A total of 33 countries are represented in the Forum.

Eastern European films feature strongly, includingcompilation film Lost and Found, whichintroduces a young generation of filmmakers from six countries in the region.Russian entry Pakostnik, by mediaartist Tania Detkina, is described as "effervescing with dadaistic imagination", whileAlexander Shapiro's Putevoditel from Ukraine is "an ironic-cool instruction manual for the cityof Kiev".

British artist Tracey Emin's Top Spot is included in the selection, as is Chinese filmNiu Pi (Oxhide), in which 23-year-old LiuJiayin captures her cramped everyday Beijing family life in big-screen images.

Meanwhile, veteran French director Claire Denis devotes herattention to dance theatre in Vers Mathilde,an experimental portrait of the choreographer Mathilde Monnier.

Full Forum Programme
Amu (Shonali Bose) India, 98min., 35mm
Arlit, Deuxieme Paris (IdrissouMora-Kpai) Benin/France, 78 min., 35mm
Barrage (Raphael Jacoulot)France, 93 min., 35mm
Brasileirinho (Mika Kaurismaki)Brazil/Finland/Switzerland, 90 min., 35mm
Coca - The Dove from Chechnya(Eric Bergkraut) Switzerland, 87 min., 35mm
The Hours Go By (Ines de OliveiraCezar) Argentina, 90 min., 35mm
Crash Test Dummies (Jorg Kalt)Austria, 95 min., 35mm
D'Annuncio's Cave (Photography And Beyond - Part8-10 (D'Annunzios Hohle (Photographie und jenseits - Teil 8-10) (Heinz Emigholz) Germany, 102 min., 35mm / DigiBeta
Der Irrationale Rest (ThorstenTrimpop) Germany, WP, 100 min., 35mm
St. Francis Birds Tour (DieVogelpredigt oder Das Schreien der Mönche) (Clemens Klopfenstein) Switzerland/Italy, 88 min., 35mm
Durchfahrtsland (Alexandra Sell)Germany, 91 min., 35mm
El Inmortal (Mercedes Moncada Rodriguez)Nicaragua/Mexico/Spain, 78 min., 35mm
Grietjie van Garies (OdetteGeldenhuys) South Africa, 48 min., DigiBeta
Kekexili Kekexili: Mountain Patrol(Lu Chuan) China, 95 min., 35mm
Les Yeux Clairs (Jerome Bonnell)France, 87 min., 35mm
Lost and Found (Nadejda Koseva,Cristian Mungiu, Jasmila Zbanich, Kornel Mundruczo, Stefan Arsenijevic, MaitLaas) Estonia/Bulgaria/Romania/Hungary/Bosnia/Serbia, 95 min., 35mm
Mongolian Ping Pong (LuCao Di) (Ning Hao) China, 108 min., 35mm
Starlit High Noon (MahiruNo hoshizora) (Nakagawa Yosuke) Japan, 90min., 35mm
Mein Bruder. We'll meet again(Thomas Heise) Germany, 57 min., 35mm
Angel's Fall (MeleginDususu) (Semih Kaplanoglu) Turkey, 97 min.,35mm
Niu Pi Oxhide (Liu Jiayin) China,WP, 110 min., DigiBeta
Odessa Odessa' (MichaleBoganim) Israel/France, 96 min., 35mm
On The Outs (Lori Silverbush,Michael Skolnik) USA, 82 min., HD
Sorry for Kung Fu (Oprostiza Kung Fu) (Ognjen Svilicic) Croatia, 71min., 35mm
The Rascal (Pakostnik) (Tania Detkina) Russia, 82 min., 35mm
Profils Paysans: Le Quotidien(Raymond Depardon) France, 85 min., 35mm
The Guidebook (Putevoditel) (Alexander Shapiro) Ukraine, 108 min.,35mm
On The Objection Front (Ratziti Lihiyot Gibor) (Shiri Tsur) Israel, 63 min., DigiBeta
Girl Friend (Sekai NoOwari World's End) (Kazama Shiori) Japan,112 min., 35mm
Shin Sung-il Is Lost (ShinSung-il-eui hangbang-bulmyun) (Shin Jane)Korea, 103 min., DigiBeta
Berlin Stories (Stadtals Beute) (Irene von Alberti, MiriamDehne, Esther Gronenborn) Germany, 90 min., 35mm
Top Spot (Tracey Emin) GreatBritain, 62 min., DigiBeta
Vers Mathilde (Claire Denis)France, 84 min., 35mm
wasting one's youth.doc (verschwendedeine jugend.doc) (Jürgen Teipel,Sigrid Harder) Germany, 87 min., HD
Violent Days (Lucile Chaufour)France, 80 min., 35mm
Into the Picture Scroll - The Tale of Yamanaka Tokiwa (Yamanaka Tokiwa) (Haneda Sumiko) Japan, 100 min., 35mm
Before the Flood (Yan Mo) (YanYu, Li Yifan) China, 150 min., DigiBeta
This Charming Girl (Yeoja,Jeong-hae) (Lee Yoon-ki) Korea, 99 min.,35mm
Zero Degrees of Separation (ElleFlanders) Canada, 85 min., DigiBeta