The Berlinale's Perspektive Deutsches Kino sidebar has now finalised its 2008 programme with five feature films, four documentaries and four short films.

The remaining six films to be confirmed include Lola Randl's feature debut In Between Days which was produced by Herbert Schwering's Coin Film as part of public broadcaster WDR and the Filmstiftung NRW's 'Sixpack' initiative.

According to Schwering, Randl's story of a successful woman scientist who begins a parallel life while looking after another apartment 'is a very unusual story for a young woman at the end of 20s because it is set among 40-50 year-olds.'

'It is a film about the loneliness of a person who is in the middle of life among lots of people, but where you see how lonely you can be if you aren't able to talk about it,' says Schwering, pointing out that the casting of the female lead with stage actress Sylvana Krappatsch is 'a real discovery.'

In addition, Volker Meyer-Dabisch's documentary about human beatboxing, Love, Peace & Beatbox, will be shown in the Perspektive programme as part of the Berlinale's 'Cross Section' initiative after premiering in the Generation 14plus competition on February 9.

The 'Cross Section' initiative was launched by the Berlinale in 2006 to promote 'cross-fertilisation' between the festival sections. Last year, for example, had seen screenings in the Generation programmes of Ognen Svilicic's Forum film Armin and the Competition film The Year My Parents Went On Vacation by Cao Hamburger.

However, the programming of Love, Peace & Beatbox as a Perspektive title will be the first time that 'Cross Section' has operated in the opposite direction for Generation.

The complete line-upfor Perspektiveis as follows:
Berlin - 1st of May (Berlin - 1. Mai) by Jakob Ziemnicki, Sven Taddicken, Carsten Ludwig and Jan-Christoph Glaser
Drifter by Sebastian Heidinger (documentary)
Football Under Cover by David Assmann and Ayat Najafi (documentary) Heroes From The Neighbourhood (Die Helden Aus Der Nachbarschaft) by Jovan Arsenic
In Between Days (Die Besucherin) by Lola Randl
Inside You (In Deiner Haut) by Pola Schirin Beck (short)
Jesus Loves You (Jesus Liebt Dich) by Lilian Frank, Michaela Kirst, Robert Cibis and Matthias Luthardt (documentary)
Lea by Steffi Niederzoll, (short)
Lostage (Star-Crossed) by Bettina Eberhard (short)
Love, Peace & Beatbox by Volker Meyer-Dabisch (documentary)
Robin by Hanno Olderdissen (short)
Teenage Angst by Thomas Stuber
The Things Between Us (Die Dinge Zwischen Uns) by Iris Janssen

On the Berlinale's last day, the so-called 'Berlinale Kinotag' on February 17, the sidebar will also present the winner of this year's Max Ophuels Preis Festival which opened on Monday evening (January 14) in Saarbruecken with Peter Luisi's Love Made Easy.

For the fifth year running, a jury of seven young German and French cineastes will select one of the sidebar's films for the 'Dialogue en Perspective' award. Past winners include Bettina Bluemner's Pool Of Princesses (Prinzessinnenbad) and Robert Thalheim's Net (Netto). German producer-director Peter Sehr will serve as the jury's president.