Halle Berry andSamuel L Jackson will serve as honorary co-chairs of the 2004 Los Angeles FilmFestival, which runs from Jun 17-26 and will also feature the services ofsinger and film-maker Neil Young as artist in residence.

Berry will host closing night festivities and hand out two TargetFilmmaker Awards for best narrative feature and best documentary, while Jacksonwill host the annual film-maker reception that takes place on Jun 16.

As artist in residence, Young has chosen to screen Jim Jarmusch's DeadMan starring Johnny Depp and Gary Farmer; and George Lucas' THX-1138,which stars Maggie McOmie and Robert Duvall.

Young's directorial debut and musical curio Greendale,which premiered at Toronto last year, screens during the festival and the manhimself will be on stage to discuss his cinematic and musical influences withKCRW's Nic Harcourt.

Elsewhere the popular Coffee Talk series returns with a wide-rangeof panel discussions and Poolside Chats will include guest panels on modernhorror, blaxploitation and 1970s cinema.

"Both Halle Berry and Samuel L Jackson have been able to use theirstature in the industry to support independent film, the Spirit Awards, and nowthe Los Angeles Film Festival," Dawn Hudson, executive director of IFP/LosAngeles, which has managed the festival since 2001, said in a statement.

"IFP/Los Angeles appreciates their championing the cause ofindependent film and raising awareness for new artists."

"Music has been a strong component of the festival for the pastfew years and we are thrilled to have such a talented innovator as Neil Youngjoin us," festival director Rich Raddon added.