The Best Man, a romantic comedy starring StuartTownsend, Amy Smart and Seth Green, wrapped last month after a seven-week shootin London and Budapest.

Directed byStefan Schwartz and produced by Neil Peplow, The Best Man will bereleased in the UK by Redbus Film Distribution and sold internationally by TheWorks.

Written by EdRoe (Teachers) and Stefan Schwartz, the film follows Olly (Townsend) - aluckless author with writer's block who is stuck in a dead-end job. Asked to be best man by an old collegefriend, Olly falls in love with the beautiful wife-to-be (Smart). While trying to resist his urges, and keephis crazy flatmate (Green) away from the wedding, Olly discovers that theprospective bridegroom may not be worthy of her love - and he might actually bethe best man after all.

The Best Man is co-produced byInsider Films, Hungarian Film Connection, Best Man Film Produktions forSureFire Films in association with The Film Consortium in association withEndgame Funding LLC and in association with Redbus Pictures.