Under the Skin, the long-gestating film from Jonathan Glazer (pictured) receives £1.8m in funding.

The BFI, now responsible for Lottery Funding of film after the UK Film Council’s abolition, has confirmed its latest funded projects via its website.

Among the projects getting funding are Jonathan Glazer’s long-gestating Under The Skin, which was awarded both development (£50,000) and production (£1.7m) funding on June 8. Scarlett Johansson will star as a sexy alien in the project, adapted from Michel Faber’s acclaimed novel.

The other biggest production funding amounts were £750,000 to James Marsh’s Shadow Dancer starring Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough; £500,000 for Eran Creevy’s crime thriller Welcome To The Punch starring James McAvoy, Mark Strong, and Andrea Riseborough; and Vertigo’s StreetDance sequel (£500,000) [the UKFC had given £1m to the first one]. Other productions backed include Ol Parker’s Now Is Good to star Dakota Fanning (the adaptation of Jenny Downham’s Before I Die)

Development funding has gone to the likes of Paul Raphael’s Starfield for Marek Losey’s The Night Climbers; NorthPoint Pictures for Lydia Adetunji’s Brit-Listed hot script Necropolis; Christian Colson’s Cloud Eight Films for Tell Her; Scotland’s Sigma Films for David Mackenzie’s new sci-fi project Journey Into Space; Joke Disco Films’ Scouting For Rudeboys (the planned feature version of the short of the same title); Blueprint Pictures for a narrative feature adaptation of documentary Three Miles North of Molkom and for John Madden’s adaptation of The Outcast; Magic Light for live action/CGI family film Carbonel from Oscar nominated writer Jeffrey Caine; Andy Harries’ Left Bank for Kenneth Branagh’s Italian Shoes adapted from the Henning Mankell novel; and Tigerlily for teenage love story Apples based on the book by Richard Milward.

From the Film Fund’s first awards under the BFI (starting April 6 through June 8), the latest awards are listed below. For projects that had previous funding from the UK Film Council when it was active, a new cumulative total of Lottery funding is also listed. Tanya Seghatchian still heads the Film Fund after its move to the BFI.

Development Funding has gone to:

  • Half of a Yellow Sun, Slate Films, £4,864 (cume £70,828)
  • Necropolis, NorthPoint Pictures, £22,400
  • The Night Climbers, Starfield Productions, £35,500
  • Scouting for Rudeboys, Joke Disco Films, £18,000
  • Tell Her, Cloud Eight Films, £4126.45
  • Journey Into Space, Sigma Films, £45,700
  • Stay The Same, Tiny Spark Productions, £5,000
  • The Outcast, Blueprint Pictures, £12,500 (cume £55,750)
  • Apples, Tigerlily Films, £21,280 (cume £43,879.76)
  • Basil D’Oliveira, Greyhound Productions, £50,000
  • Carbonel, Magic Light Pictures, £36,500
  • Belle, DJ Films, £13,000 (cume £50,250)
  • Peter Pan In Scarlet, Headline Pictures, £50,875 (cume £122,750)
  • Stefan Golaszewski Speaks About A Girl He Once Loved, Ruby Films, £20,250 (cume £30,250)
  • Three Miles North of Molkom, Blueprint Pictures, £76,400
  • Italian Shoes, Left Bank Pictures, £32,375
  • Under The Skin, Modern Films, £50,000

Production Funding has gone to:

  • Shadow Dancer, Unanimous Pictures, £750,000
  • Eight Minutes Idle, iFeatures, £35,000 (cume £185,000)
  • The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology, £270,000 (cume £280,000)
  • StreetDance Encore, Vertigo Films, £500,000
  • Now Is Good, Blueprint Pictures, £16,000
  • Welcome To The Punch, Beat Films, £500,000
  • Under The Skin, Modern Films, £1,673,744 (cume £1.82m)

And the Distribution and Exhibition Fund has given specialised P&A support of £150,000 to Kevin Macdonald’s Life In A Day (via World In A Day Films) and £35,000 to activist documentary Just Do It – A Tale Of Modern Day Outlaws (via Left Field Films).

The new Transition Fund for Audience Development gave backing to two UK festivals: £19,620 to the Edinburgh International Film Festival and £77,452 to the Sheffield Doc/Fest.