A table-topping $1.3m bow inAustralia on 227 screens including previews was the key driver in Big Fish's$2.7m weekend haul as the drama raised its international cumulative total to$7.3m.

In the UK in its second wideweekend the picture added $1.6m from 361, slipping 35% for a $6m running total.It placed third behind openings of Something's Gotta Give and SchoolOf Rock.

Mona Lisa Smile added $5m from 2,075 screens to raise itinternational running total in Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International(CTFDI) markets to $34.4m.

Industry-wide the drama hastaken $42.8m from all its markets. Key weekend drivers were second place inBelgium on $385,000 from 38 screens including previews and $150,000 from 20 inthe Philippines for an unconfirmed ranking.

The picture remained numberone in its third weekend in Germany, adding $1.8m from 608 and slipping 22% fora $9m total there.

The horror-thrillerGothika took $1.7m to raise its international total to $12.5m, including anumber one Malaysian bow on $240,000 from 16.including previews.

Peter Pan grossed $2.4m from CTFDI markets, including thirdplace and $1.9m from 600 screens in France. The family picture has amassed$11.1m from CTFDI markets and $34.2m industry-wide.