Warner Bros PicturesInternational will be vying to hold on to the box office crown this weekend as CharlieAnd The Chocolate Factory opens inTaiwan on Aug 6 alongside an anticipated string of impressive holds.

The family picture amassedjust over $20m last weekend powered by a massive UK launch and stands on a$37.3m international running total to date.

Sci-fi thriller TheIsland has been producing steadybusiness and Warner Bros executives were hoping for more of the same ahead ofits Aug 4 debut in Germany, followed a day later by Spain and Brazil.

The Island has grossed $24m to date, while the superhero actionadventure Batman Begins stands at$156.2m.

Charlie and The Island can expect strong competition from DreamWorks International's animatedhit Madagascar, which currentlystands at more than $213.8m through UIP and should hold well in all itsmarkets.

Meanwhile Paramount's WarOf The Worlds should continue to dosolid business through UIP; it has grossed $316.7m at the international boxoffice and more than $530m worldwide.

Also likely to figureprominently this weekend is Buena Vista International's (BVI) family title Herbie:Fully Loaded, which launches inthree major markets.

The picture was set to openin France on Aug 3 and Germany a day later, followed by the UK on Aug 5. It hastaken $20.4m to date.

BVI will open Dark Water in Mexico on Aug 5. The picture is in the earlystages of its run and has grossed $2.5m.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational's (SPRI) military action adventure Stealth will open in the UK on Aug 5 on 380 prints and hasamassed $7.5m to date.

The Adventures ofSharkboy And Lavagirl in 3D opens inRussia on Aug 4 on 274 prints and has grossed $5.3m so far.

The Longest Yard had amassed $14m as of Aug 3, while Bewitched had taken $6.7m from its only market of Australiathus far. The comedy expands worldwide beginning Aug 10.

Universal's Southern Gothicthriller Skeleton Key opensthrough UIP in France on Aug 3 and Sweden on Aug 5; it had taken $2.5m as ofJul 31. Land Of The Dead opens inRussia on Aug 4.

Paramount's Bad NewsBears opens in Mexico on Aug 5, and CoachCarter launches in Japan on Aug 6.

Fox International opens GuessWho in France on 130 prints on Aug3. The international cumulative total is $22.8m.

Star Wars: Episode III has amassed $435m to date, and Fantastic Four has taken $107.6m through Fox and $112m through alldistributors.