Jason Biggs has joined Kate Hudson and Dane Cook on the cast ofLionsgate's romantic comedy Bachelor #2. Lizzy Caplan has also comeaboard.

Cook stars as Tank, an inveterate Casanova who falls for his bestfriend's girlfriend, played by Hudson.

Biggs plays the best friend andCaplan, a TV actor who appeared in Mean Girls, is Hudson's room-mate.

Howard Deutch will begin shooting in Boston on Aug 20 from a script byJordan Cahan.Producers are Greg Lessans, Adam Herz, Josh Shader, Guymon Casady,Doug Johnson, Barry Katz, and Brian Volk-Weiss.

Biggs will be familiar to film-goers for his work in the American Piefranchise, as well as Saving Silverman, Jersey Girl, and The PleasureOf Your Company (aka Wedding Daze in the UK.)Caplan is represented by Warren Zavala of The Gersh Agency and hermanager is Ryan Revel of Artistry Entertainment.