Miramax's Kill Bill Vol 2 reigned supreme in the UK, Taiwan and a host of smaller territories atthe weekend as it added an estimated $10m on 2,562 screens in 27 territoriesthrough Buena Vista International for a $36.1m total.

In its secondweekend in the UK the Quentin Tarantino sequel took $2.5m on 411 screens,raising its total there to $9.9m including previews.

The pictureopened top in Taiwan on $177,390 and ranked second in Australia after adding$975,921 on 201 for just over $4m in its second week.

In other secondweek results, the picture added $1.2m on 319 in Japan for $4.8m, $1.1m on 490in Germany for $4.8m, and $992,886 on 351 in Italy for $4.1m.

Smaller numberone bows yielded $226,336 from 32 screens in New Zealand, $214,152 from 45 inPortugal and $234,849 from 35 in Greece.

Elsewhere forMiramax/BVI, Starsky & Hutch took $5m on 2,073 screens to raise its total to $58.9m from 33territories.

It opened top inBelgium on $343,945 on 52 and top in Holland on $332,043 on 87, while in itssecond week in France the picture added $2.3m on 615 for $6.5m.

The KillBill/Starsky & Hutchticket proved a winning combination in may territories, ranking first andsecond respectively in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland and NewZealand. The pictures swapped ranks in Belgium.

Cold Mountain gained 13% in Japan for a cumulativetotal of $3.4m through the end of Sunday (2).

Latest cumulative totals released by Miramax executivesput the spoof sequel Scary Movie 3 on$109.6m from 44 territories and Spy Kids 3D: Game Over on $79m from 42 territories.