Producer and former Artisanpresident, Bill Block has teamed up with threeentertainment industry veterans to launch the Beverly Hills-based international sales, financing and production house QED International.

Block is joined in the newenterprise by senior vice president Kimberly Fox, the former head of international sales at Kathy Morgan International; chief operating officer Paul Hanson, the former chief financial officer of management and production companyKey Creatives; and Ket Creatives'former vice president of production Elliot Ferwerda.

Fully funded by equityinvestors, QED will introduce the company to Berlin this week along with an inaugural product line-up that includes John Heffernan's graphic novel adaptation Just A Pilgrim,Andy Fickman's thriller Cul De Sac, andIsaac Webb's mystery Second Wife.

The company will representtitles in the domestic and international market place and produce pictures independently and in partnership with the US majors and foreign distributors.

"We look forward toworking with producers, assisting them in packaging their projects, arranging financing and representing them overseas," Block said. "We are launching QED at this time because we seean opportunity in the landscape for a focused sales agency that fullyservices studio and independent producers, that extends beyond justthe deal, to marketing, delivery, and distribution to ourterritorial partners."