Marvel Studio’s The Avengers nudged past the $1bn worldwide milestone on Sunday (13) according to Disney estimates following another mighty international weekend that generated $95.4m and a $103.2m second session in North America.

The film has now reached $628.9m outside North America, $373.2m domestically and $1.002.1m worldwide. It is already the eleventh biggest global release of all time.

The Avengers has set so many records and earned such a high ratio of positive reviews that yet more hyperbole might barely elicit a raised eyebrow.

However it is worth emphasising the film’s extraordinary pace in crossing $1bn in a mere 19 days and noting this has become Marvel Studio’s first release to reach the milestone.

An Avengers sequel is in the works so it would seem the billion dollar days are only beginning for the studio, where head Kevin Feige will be toasting his decision of recent years to reclaim greater control of the underlying rights.

For the record this marks Disney’s fifth release to cross $1bn.

The performance-to-date in key territories puts The Avengers at $65.7m in the UK, $52.3m in China, $49.6m in Mexico, $44.6m in Brazil, $41.3m in South Korea, $40.5m in Australia and $36m in Russia.

It has amassed $33.4m in France, $24.1m in Germany, $21.9m in Italy, $17.4m in Taiwan, $17.2m in Spain, $13.4m in the Philippines, $11.6m in Hong Kong and the same amount in Argentina, $10.4m in India and $137.9m in remaining territories.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International reported that Dark Shadows opened day-and-date with North America, grossing $36.7m from 5,664 screens in 42 territories, approximately 93% of the launch of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory from the same markets at the same point in release.

The ongoing collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp remains a fruitful one and the TV series adaptation opened in second place in Russia on $5.3m from 977 screens, top in France on $4.6m from 474 and debuted in the UK on $4m from 515 venues.

Dark Shadows opened second in Australia on $3.7m from 369 screens, second in South Korea on $2.5m from 375, top in Spain on $2.4m from 341, top in Italy on $2.3m from 537 and it arrived in Germany on $2m from 441. Taiwan and Hong Kong generated second place debuts on $994,000 from 106 and $915,000 from 60, respectively.

The Lucky One added $2.5m from 1,629 screens in 28 markets for an early $22.8m running total and stands at $6.5m in Australia after four weekends, $4.1m in Germany and $2.1m in Italy, both after three, and $3.8m in the UK after two.

  • Universal’s American Pie: Reunion has become the highest grossing film internationally in the American Pie franchise as an estimated $15.6m from 4,600 sites in 49 territories boosted the tally through UPI to $144.5m, overtaking the $143m final total of American Pie 2. Combined with the $56.1m North American gross the comedy stands at $200.6m. The UK has produced $20.1m in 10 days.

A further $11.2m for Battleship from 8,900 venues in 62 territories propelled the running total to $215.3m. The action film docked in Latin America where the top markets were Mexico on $3.1m from 566 and Brazil on $1.6m from 360.

  • Titanic 3D grossed a further $3.1m from 2,005 screens in 39 markets through Fox International for $282.9m and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel raised the tally by $1.9m from 1,210 in 18 to $75.7m. Fox International Production’s Jannat 2 added $1.2m mostly from India, where it has raced to $10.5m in 20 days. This Means War has reached $98.6m.
  • Action comedy 21 Jump Street grossed $3.2m from 1,716 screens in 31 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International for $49.1m and opened in Germany on $1.3m from 438. The Pirates! Band Of Misfits brought in $2.2m from 3,328 in 50 for $74.5m and has amassed $25.2m in the UK after seven weekends. The animation opened in Brazil on $900,000 from 261.
  • PPI reported that DreamWorks Animation’s Puss In Boots stands at $405.5m and Hugo has grossed $78.5m.
  • The Hunger Games added a further $2.4m from its 52 markets through Lionsgate to stand at $244.1m internationally and $631.1m worldwide. The Cabin In The Woods scared up $1.3m for $17.4m to date.