New feature films by Chilean director Matias Bize and Brazilian filmmaker Marcelo Gomes are among 12 projects from 10 Latin American countries selected out of a total of 332 submissions to participate in the Open Doors Factory co-production meeting from August 10-12 during this year's Locarno Film Festival.

Bize's low-budget HD production Despues de Fiesta set within the confines of one party in a house on a single night will see the director working again with the screenwriter Julio Rojas, who wrote the script for Bize's 2005 film In The Bed (En La Cama), while Marcelo Gomes' second feature O Homem Das Multidoes will be co-directed with Cao Guimaraes and is based loosely on an Edgar Allan Poe tale entitled The Man In The Crowd.

The lineup of Open Doors projects being pitched to potential co-production partners are:

  • Concordia by Celina Murga (Argentina)
  • Corazon De Piedra by Miguel Barreda Delgado (Peru)
  • Cracks 1 - The Kid Who Tells Lies (Grietas 1 - El Chico Que Miente) by Marite Ugas (Venezuela)
  • El Verano De Los Peces Voladores by Marcela Said (Chile)
  • Crab Trap (El Vuelco Del Cangrejo) by Oscar Ruiz Navia (Colombia)
  • Faith (Fe) by Alejo Cristostomo (Guatemala)
  • Jean Gentil by Laura Amelia Guzman (Dominican Republic)
  • Despues de Fiesta/La Vida de Los Peces by Matias Bize (Chile)
  • By The Fire (Sentados Frente Al Fuego) by Alejandro Fernandez (Chile)
  • So Much Water (Tanta Agua) by Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge (Uruguay)
  • Los Ultimos Cristeros by Matias Meyer (Mexico)
  • O Homem Das Multidoes by Cao Guimaraes and Marcelo Gomes (Brazil)

In addition, Open Doors will be continuing its traditional partnership with Cannes' Cinefondation residence initiative to enable producers of five of those projects to have individual one-to-one meetings with prospective partners in Locarno.

The five Cinefondation projects are:

  • El Lugar Del Hijo by Manuel Nieto Zas (Uruguay)
  • For Love With Best Intentions by Adrian Sitaru (Romania)
  • Nothing's Happening Here by Francisco Vargas Quevedo (Mexico)
  • Stellvertreterkrieg by Nikias Chryssos (Germany)
  • The Other Side Of Sleep by Rebecca Daly (Ireland)