Potsdamer Place was the location of a unique marketing stunt for Out of Nature on Sunday [Feb 8].

Out of Nature stunt

It was a cold Sunday morning for Markus Eriksson, Stefan Mitchel, Frans Balzer, Kjartan Nilsen and Bjørne Harry Olsen as they ran round the Potsdamer Place dressed in full mountaineering outfit - but minus undercrackers.

“Almost got arrested but they let us go when, thankfully, no-one made a formal complaint,” the pant free athletes reported of a journey that took them around the Hyatt to CinemaXx and then circling round the Palast several times to the obvious bemusement of passers by.

They were showing their tackle in a good cause - namely to help in the marketing drive for new movie Out Of Nature, directed by and starring Ole Giæver (who also does some al fresco jogging in the movie).

Out Of Nature, which had its world premiere in TIFF before coming to Berlin’s Panorama, is the story of the troubled Martin. As Screen’s review summed it up, “in a bid for some sort of spiritual renewal - or at least escape from his monotonous life - he tells his wife he is going off for a run in the nearby mountains, planning to commune with nature and sleep there for a couple of nights. In his own mind he is a dynamic individual, attractive to women and a powerhouse at work, but alone in the mountains reality clashes with his imagination.”

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