Stella Artois and Future Cinema imagine the life of a bon vivant on the Croisette in the ’60s.

The last few nights in Cannes can be tricky as the parties dry up. And Kanye never called to take me out (ha).

So thank goodness the guys at Stella Artois and Future Cinema/Secret Cinema on Friday hosted a ’60s themed soiree at Chez Jacques, on Carlton Beach (next door to the overcrowded Fortnight closing party). The whole space recreated a ‘60s-style bachelor pad with fab decor including round bed, fake love letters, ‘60s vinyl, vintage Penguin paperbacks, golf clubs, lipstick-stained cigarette butts, and some excellent retro furniture that would fetch a fortune on eBay. There was ping pong in the sand and baccarat being played by guys standing in the sea, ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ on the turntables, and plenty of free-flowing Stella, of course.

Tres fun seeing a slice of old-style Cannes glamour — My only complaint was that I couldn’t tell who was a hired actor or who was just a well dressed guest. Next year I’ll have to up my game with a bouffant hairstyle.

The party also unveiled a rather entertaining short film introducing the playboy at the heart of it, Jacques d’Azur. You can screen the short here. The leading man, Buenos Aires-based Gustavo Alvarez, was hired after a two-month search to play Jacques.