Ed Noeltner’s Cinema Management Group has reported robust sales on his slate, led by a UK deal with G2 on the action title Blood And Bone.

Noeltner negotiated the deal for Blood And Bone, starring Michael Jai White, with G2’s Nick Hedman and Alan Partington after fielding at least four other offers from UK buyers.

The film also went to: Australia (Eagle Pictures); South Africa (Nu Metro); Eastern Europe (SPI); Brazil (California); Turkey (Horizon); India (PVR); and the Middle East (Front Row).

The 3D animated title Khumba sold to: Russia (Luxor); Portugal (VC Multimedia); the Middle East (Front Row); Turkey (Film Pop); Czech/Slovak Republics (Hollywood); and Poland (Vision).

Noeltner closed deals on the racial drama American Violet in: Australia (Eagle Pictures); Scandinavia (CCV); the Middle East (Front Row); Turkey (Horizon); and Poland (Vision). Animated film Zambezia went to Nu Metro in South Africa and Hollywood for the Czech/Slovak Republics. The film is in US release through Samuel Goldwyn Films.

“We’ve had four new films for the market and each one has found key independent buyers,” Noeltner said. “We had price expectations that were met and everyone’s happy.”