The10th Annual Hollywood Film Awards will honour the ensemble cast from Bobby, Emilio Estevez's upcoming account of events surrounding theassassination of Bobby Kennedy.

PiratesOf The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest willreceive the Hollywood Visual Effects of the Year Award, Cars will get the Hollywood Animation of the Year Award and X-Men:The Last Stand will receive the HollywoodMake-Up of the Year Award. The awards will be handed out on Oct 23 at theBeverly Hilton Hotel.

Bobby, which stars Laurence Fishburne, Anthony Hopkins, HelenHunt, Lindsay Lohan, William H Macy, Demi Moore, and Elijah Wood, among others,will open in North America on Nov 22 through The Weinstein Company. ArclightFilms is handling international sales.

Aspreviously announced, Vilmos Zsigmond will be honoured for cinematography, JoelCox will receive the editing award, Gustavo Santaolalla will be honoured forcomposing, John Myhre for production design, Penny Rose for costume design, andFrancine Maisler for casting director.

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