Cinema Popular’s action thriller Bodyguards And Assassins has topped the Chinese box office over the holiday period racking up a $30m (RMB208m) to December 29.

The film, which opened on December 18 in China and on Christmas Eve across Asia, has accumulated more than $35m (RMB238m) including Hong Kong, Sinapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. It is hoped the film will reach $44m (RMB300m) on mainland China before the end of its run.

The box office office gross equals that of Warlords, the last production made by Bodyguards And Assassins producer Peter Ho-sun Chan.

Chan said: “This is both an indication of our better grasp of the China market and its ever-expanding population of filmgoers.”

Established in early 2009, Cinema Popular is a production joint venture between Chan, Huang Jianxin and Beijing-based Bona International.  Bodyguards And Assassins is Cinema Popular’s first film.

The film will open in Thailand through United Home Entertainment and UIP on January 7, followed by Korea by CJ Entertainment on January 21, and the UK with E1 Entertainment this coming spring.