Peter Bogdanovich has signedon to direct the competitive science drama The Broken Code, which is being backed by The UK Film Council andCapitol Films though Capitol Films Production's Super Slate developmentcompany, along with Signature Films.

The story puts under themicroscope the life of Rosalind Franklin, an unsung research scientist whosepioneering X-ray photographs were instrumental in the discovery of DNA'sdouble-helix structure.

David Baxter wrote thescreenplay based on Anne Sayre's book Rosalind Franklin And DNA. Capitol will handle international sales.

Nick Hirschkorn fromUK-based Feel Films will produce with Baxter and partner Lisa Taback ofLA-based Nimbus Pictures. Signature Films Worldwide's production chief RoseGanguzza will serve as executive producer.

The film is also the firstproject to be fully funded which originated in the Tribeca/Sloan Developmentprogramme. The Tribeca Film Institute established a partnership with the SloanFoundation in early 2002 to assist Sloan in its mission to make realisticstories about science and technology that challenge existing stereotypes.

"Rosalind Franklin wasa gifted scientist and a complex figure whose contribution to one of biology'smost important discoveries, while undeniable, continues to arouse debate,"Doron Weber, director of the Alfred P Sloan Foundation, said.

"Given the public'sfascination with DNA in crime solving, there couldn't be a better time to tellFranklin's story, especially with a talent like Peter Bogdanovich at the helm,"Tribeca Film Institute president Sydney Meeks added.

The development programmeoffers financial assistance and guidance from leading scientists and filmmakersto at least two participants a year.

A new set of projects willbe announced at the Tribeca Film Festival, which runs from Apr 25-May 7.

Bogdanovich's last feature TheCat's Meow came out in 2002. Hiscredits include The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon and What's Up, Doc'