Books include Simon Mawer’s The Girl Who Fell From The Sky.

At the Berlinale Co-Production Market on Feb 14, producers can meet with representatives for 12 new novels.

This year, 81 books were submitted for consideration.

The initiative has been organised with the Frankfurt Book Fair since 2006.

The novels selected for 2012 are:

Naked Among Wolves (Bruno Apitz), Aufbau Verlag, Germany

The Neighbour (Roope Lipasti), Burning Bridge Literary Agency, Finland

Night Falls (Wanda Reisel), Contact Publishers, Netherlands

Story of a Secret State (Jan Karski), Editions Robert Laffont, France

Gloomy Meadow (Andrea Maria Schenkel), Hoffmann & Campe Verlag, Germany

Missing File (Dror Mishani), Liepman Literary Agency, Switzerland

Eva Sleeps (Francesca Melandri), Marco Vigevani Agenzia Letteraria, Italy

The Night of the Black Cat (Antonio Pagliaro), Nabu International Literary & Film Agency, Italy

Chucks (Cornelia Travnicek), Random House Germany, Germany

The Goblet of Horror (Dennis Eick), Rowohlt Verlag, Germany

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (Simon Mawer, pictured), United Agents, UK

The Autist and the Homing Pigeon (Rodaan Al Galidi), WPG Publishers, Belgium