The outrageous antics of a socially gauche faux Kazakhreporter continued to dominate the international marketplace as Borat stayed top on an estimated $15.6m haul.

Impressive weekend business from 20 markets raised the tally to$42.8m and ensured that, with a strong domestic hold, Borat remained the top global picture, soaringpast $100m in worldwide receipts.

The comedy held on to its number one berth in the UK witha mighty $8.3m gross that fell 18% against last weekend and raised the runningtotal to $26.7m.

Boratranked number one in Germany on $3.1m for $6.7m following a 78-screenexpansion, and held on to number one in Austria after adding $293,000 for$709,000.

Three small openings generated good results as Borat took $51,000 on 10 screens in Bulgaria,$287,000 on 17 in Greece, and $29,000 on four in Serbia.

Meanwhile The Devil Wears Prada added $7.5m from 3,500 screens in 45markets for $163m. It opens in Japan next weekend.

Fox International top brass expect a good Japanese debutgiven that Prada is tracking well aheadof release and has maintained strong form in South Korea, where it added $1mfor $7m in its third weekend.

A Good Year launched in 17 markets and added $4.9m from 1,600 screens in atotal of 19 markets for $8.1m.

The comedy opened in fourth place in Germany on $1.2m on 351,opened in third place in Australia on $983,000 on 287, and opened in Russia on$263,000 on 150.

A Good Year opened top in Taiwan on $193,000 on 68. After two weekends itadded $999,000 in Spain on 300 screens for $2.6m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's animated feature OpenSeason added $8.8m from4,665 screens in 50 territories - the picture's widest point of release - for$63.1m.

The family title opened in second place in Spain on $1.8m on 405prints, and opened in third in Germany on $1.6m on 750 screens.

Saw III tookin at least $8.6m from approximately 1,500 screens in 14 territories for$27.5m. Results do not include latest figures from the UK.

The highlight was an excellent $3.1m Spanish debut through BuenaVista International (BVI) that was 230% bigger than the launch of Saw II and took more in three days than Saw grossed in its entire lifetime.

BVI's Saw III markets accounted for $4m of the overall weekend gross and theyhave generated $6.6m of the overall international running total listed above.

Saw III added$902,121 in its second weekend in Australia through Lionsgate and ranks secondon $3.5m.

The Departed grossed $7.1m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI)and Initial markets, raising the international tally to $58.7m.

The highlight was a number one Brazilian launch on $655,000 from150 sites.

The Prestige added $4.2m in 18 markets for $11.5m, powered by a $2.1m UK launchincluding previews that ranked second behind Borat.

Flags Of Our Fathers added$2.7m from 11 markets for $13.5m. It opened in Italy on $700,000 from 214prints. Pan's Labyrinth added$819,000 from 448 screens in Spain and Mexico for $11.6m.

Death Note: The Last Name stayed top in Japan on $4.7m for an excellent $19.4m runningtotal after two weekends.

Paramount's comedy Jackass Number 2 added $2.2m from 396 screens in 10territories through UIP, powered by a $1.8m number one launch in Australia thatincluded $27,000 in previews.

Babel openednumber one in Mexico on a superb $1.7m from 292 sites, while Flushed Away took $1.8m from 492 screens in sixterritories for $6.4m.

World Trade Center added $1.6m from 1,355 sites in 58 territories for $85m, Barnyardadded $1.6m from 1,576screens in 23 territories for $24.3m, and An Inconvenient Truth raised its tally by $628,000 from 498locations in 30 territories to $11.9m.

The German comedy Seven Dwarfs 2, which Universal is releasing inGerman-Speaking Europe and Luxembourg through UIP, added $3.7m from 918 sitesfor $23.2m.

The film held in second place in Germany on $3.1m from 757 sitesfor $18.6m.

Children Of Men grossed $1.9m from 715 venues in 19 territories for $20.3m. Thesci-fi thriller launched in Germany in a limited 172 sites and took $475,000.

Step Up,which Universal picked up for five territories, added $1.5m from 476 sites fromfour for $13.9m.

Comedy You,Me And Dupree added$1.5m from 525 in 30 for $50.2m, powered by a $900,000 Italian debut on 197that ranked second.