Universal'sthriller sequel The Bourne Supremacy added an estimated $5.2m on 698screens in five territories through UIP at the weekend for a $13.6minternational running total.
The result was fuelled by a strong second weekend hold in the UK, where thepicture added $2.8m on 414 and dropped 35% for $11.2m. It remained secondbehind BVI's The Village and is expected to pass The Bourne Identity's$12.4m lifetime gross this week.
The picture opened top in Taiwan on $800,000 on 60, and took $300,000 on 27 inHong Kong, opening roughly 20% better than the 2002 original. There are 48territories still to open including Australia next weekend.
Meanwhile action sequel The Chronicles Of Riddick grossed $4m on 1,000screens in 17 territories, raising its international cumulative score to $13mfor UIP and $21m industry-wide.
The highlight was a $2m second place debut in France on 496. Official figuresfor the Italian opening were unavailable at time of writing. There are 18 furtherterritories to open including Spain and the UK on Aug 27.