Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures confirmed yesterday [Feb 19] that Darren Lynn Bousman will direct Saw IV, due to open around the world on Oct 26.

Bousman directed the last two Saw horror instalments, which together have grossed more than $300m worldwide. He recently signed to adapt the rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera for Lionsgate and Twisted.

With plot details tightly under wraps, pre-production on Saw IV is underway in Toronto. The six-week shoot is slated for an Apr 16 start.

Twisted Pictures' Burg and Koules will reprise their producer roles, with Daniel Jason Heffner, James Wan, Leigh Whannell, and Stacey Testro returning as executive directors alongside Lionsgate's president of acquisitions and co-acquisitions Peter Block and senior vice president of acquisitions Jason Constantine.

'Having Darren behind the camera gives Saw IV a real edge, so to speak,' Block said. 'He has led this franchise into box office history while proving himself a modern master of psychological terror.'

'It's great to have the Saw creative team back together for Saw IV,' Burg and Koules said. 'We're looking forward to working with Darren, Lionsgate and all the Twisted minds to bring horror fans more of Jigsaw's gore and games.'

'It's not often that a film-maker is given the opportunity to follow a genuinely compelling character through two films, much less three,' Bousman said. 'So I'm very excited about picking up the reins on Saw IV, and delving even deeper into the Jigsaw legend.'