AllianceAtlantis Communications' Oscar winning documentary Bowling ForColumbine has passed$50m at the worldwide box office.

MichaelMoore's controversial anti-gun diatribe has grossed more than $21m in theNorth American market, where it was distributed by United Artists, it ranks asone of the most successful documentaries of all time.

Internationallythe records have tumbled. After Alliance Atlantis sold the film to more than150 territories it became the biggest grossing documentary ever in the UK,Australia and Austria.

Bowling ForColumbine has yet toopen in Eastern Europe, South Africa, Korea and most of Latin America.

In addition to winning the best feature documentary AcademyAward this year, Moore also collected a string of other accolades, includinghonours from the Independent Spirit Awards, the Writers Guild of America andthe Cesar Award for Best Foreign Film.