UPDATE: Warner Bros’ DC Entertainment tentpole has raced to at least $65.2m from its first three international days and took $27.7m from Thursday night screenings in North America for an early $92.9m worldwide.

MARCH 25 UPDATE: According to early estimates, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice grossed roughly $21.2m from its opening day in China on Friday, after the film added $33.1m from approximately 19,700 screens on Thursday to open at number one in all 38 of its new markets.

The superhero saga arrives in a further 17 on Friday including the UK, China and Japan, and will be active in 65 in total this weekend.

Mexico generated $5.8m from 3,800 screens on Thursday including record-breaking midnight shows to claim 88% market share of the top five and secure the studio’s biggest opening day and the industry’s second biggest.

In another Warner Bros opening day record, Brazil delivered $3.5m from 1,331 for 73% market share, while Germany produced $2.8m from 1,015 including previews for 63% market share and the top debut of the year-to-date and the biggest superhero opening day.

Australia generated $2.5m from 594 for more than 70% of market share, while film-goers in Russia rewarded Batman V Superman with $1.9m from roughly 2,000 for 80% market share.

South Korean audiences generated $1.7m from 1,613 for 80% market share, while those in the UAE produced $1.1m from 112 screens including previews for the biggest Warner Bros opening day.

Excluding China, Asia generated on Thursday $3.5m from more than 1,300 screens and scored the studio’s biggest opening day in four markets: Hong Kong on $1.1m, Singapore on $855,000, Malaysia on $804,000, and Thailand on $740,000.

The tentpole added $1.1m from 702 on its second day in Spain to reach $2.9m and claim 62% market share, $925,000 from 769 in Italy for $2m and 63%, and $953,000 from 822 in France for $2.7m and 64% share.

Batman Vs Superman scored biggest opening days of the year across Europe and set biggest superhero opening days in Germany, Holland, Israel, and Greece.