UPDATED OCTOBER 6: Despite Fox’s heroics it was Ning Hao’s comedy Breakup Buddies that ruled the international arena on an estimated $38m from China that elevated the running total to $93m.

Breakup Buddies


Breakup Buddies (pictured at right) screened in Toronto last month and IM Global handles international sales. Black & White: The Dawn Of Justice raised its game by $10m to $19m, while another Toronto entry, Dearest, added $6.5m for $33m.


UPDATE: Fox International top brass reported a memorable one-two punch as Fox International Productions (FIP) and FoxStar India’s Bollywood action comedy Bang Bang led the way on a confirmed $22.7m followed by Gone Girl on $24.6m.

Bang Bang launched in 4,399 screens in seven markets, fuelled by $19.3m from 4,200 screens in India – the third highest opening weekend for a non-franchise title and the biggest FoxStar release.

The film, loosely based on Fox’s Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz caper Knight And Day, debuted in the UK on $987,000 from 126 and in North America on $1.4m from 271 in a pair of results that delivered Bollywood records for the year-to-date.

The UAE produced $1.8m from 44 and Bang Bang (starring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, pictured) grossed approximately $1.4m from non-Fox distributors.

Gone Girl is the talk of Hollywood following its opening night slot at the New York Film Festival and brought in $24.5m from 39 markets.

A pair of number one David Fincher records led the way with $6.7m from 950 screens in the UK and $4.6m from 350 in Australia. Russia produced $3.4m from 1,049 for number one, while Germany delivered $2.6m from 511 and was locked in a tight race with local title Mannerhort for number one.

Mexico produced $967,000 from 663 for second place, Brazil $877,000 from 258 for fourth and Hong Kong $628,000 from 38 for third.

The Maze Runner added $16.8m from 63 for $119.3m and in the third weekend added $2.9m from 476 in South Korea for $16.6m, $1.8m from 316 in Australia for $11.8m and $1.4m from 980 in Russia for $13.1m.

Brazil and Spain added $1.1m for $5.6m and $823,000 for $5.1m, also after three. Mexico has generated $9m after four, Hong Kong $4.1m after three and Holland $1.9m after two.

In another excellent result for FIP, Slow Video took South Korea by storm to open top on $5m from 618. FIP’s El Nino stands at $18.8m in Spain and ranks as the second biggest release of 2014 so far, while Germany’s Doktorspiele is on $6.9m to date and the Mexico-Germany co-production Guten Tag, Ramon has grossed $4.7m from Mexico.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes added $1.2m from 11 remaining territories for $491.7m, while Let’s Be Cops stands at $28.9m.


UPDATE: Dracula Untold kicked off its theatrical run in style. The film arrived in 25 territories on $21m led by a $4.9m number one result in Mexico from 640 sites.

The UK produced $2.7m from 446 for second place, Germany $2.4m from 498 for third, France $1.9m from 301 for second, Australia $1.7m from 213 for fourth and Malaysia $1.5m from 108 for second.

There are 38 territories to go including Russia and South Korea next weekend. 

The Boxtrolls took $6.4m from 3,594 in 22 territories for a promising early $26.5m running total and debuted in Brazil on $722,000 from 338 and in Italy on $530,000 from 297.

The Laika animation added $1.6m in the UK for $9.8m after four sessions and $1.1m in Australia for $4.6m after three. Russia has generated $2m after two.

EuropaCorp/Universal’s Lucy used $5.4m from 55 to climb to $223.6m through Universal Pictures International and $281.4m including EuropaCorp. The worldwide tally has reached $407.2m. The film stayed top in its second weekend in Italy as $2.1m from 494 elevated the tally to $6.3m.

Legendary’s As Above/So Below added $1.8m from 38 for $17.3m and debuted in Russia on $944,000 from 409.

Boyhood has climbed to $14.6m through 19 Universal territories and there are a further 18 to open.

German 3D animation The Seventh Dwarf (Die Siebte Zwerg) has reached $1.6m in German-speaking Europe.


UPDATE: Horror tale Annabelle delivered $2.70m from 24 markets day-and-date with the number two North American debut to reach a promising early $23.6m.

The leading territory South Korea earned $3.1m from 464 screens to rank number three behind Slow Video and one other local title. Australia and Italy generated $1.7m from 166 and $1.2m from 132, respectively.

Annabelle ranked top in five Asian markets as the combined tally amounted to $12.9m. Indonesia accounted for $2.5m, while Malaysia and Singapore results set a new industry records for a horror release on $2.4m and $876.000, respectively. Taiwan produced $1.7m and the Philippines $1.2m.

The film also set new marks in Colombia and Chile on $1.5m and $820,000, respectively. A further $1.2m in Russia resulted in $4.1m after two sessions.

Into The Storm has amassed $109m and If I Stay stands at $24.9m.

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends stayed top in its fourth weekend in Japan where $1.6m from 399 resulted in $33m.

Argentinian smash Relatos Salvajes – the biggest local title in history – completed its seventh straight weekend at number one and has amassed $14.8mincluding Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela the Warner Bros presentation of a K&S Films and El Deseo production film has grossed $16.2m.

Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas opened top in France on $2.8m from 418 screens. The film is an Arena Productions and Tabo Tabo Films production.


The Equalizer grossed $11.6m from 70 territories to boost the early running total to $34.8m through SPRI and $37.4m including Village Roadshow territories.

The Denzel Washington-Antoine Fuqua reunion debuted at number three in France on $2m from 376 screens, In three new records for the star, The Equalizer arrived in second place in the Philippines on $582,000 from 142, scored $189,000 in Peru and $102,000 in Vietnam.

The UK led holdovers on $1.9m for $6.9m, followed by Russia on $1.2m for $5m and Brazil on $855,000 for $2.6m.

The biggest launch of the year-to-date ensured Torrente 5 maintained the Spanish comedy adventure franchise’s winning ways as it opened in Spain on a superb $4.7m to claim number one and approximately 50% market share.

Sex Tape grossed $2.7m from 38 to reach $82.4m. The comedy added $1.2m in its fourth weekend in Germany for $11m and stands at $1.9m in Venezuela after three and $7m in the UK.

Sony is having success with its local-language German thriller Who Am I, which held on to its number one berth on $1.6m following a tiny 8% drop in the second weekend to reach $4.1m.

Deliver Us From Evil grossed $1.4m from 27 for $54.7m and added $585,000 in its third session in Brazil, where it has amassed $3.2m.


UPDATE: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles delivered a further $3.3m from 37 territories to reach $160.7m, fired up by a number one $1m debut from 68 sites in the often rewarding Venezuela.

The action film took $1.1m in its fourth sessions in Australia for $14.5m and stands at $1.7m in New Zealand after three. It opens in the UK, Germany and Spain on the weekend of October 16/17 and arrives in China on October 31 and Japan on February 7, 2015.

Hercules earned $1.1m from 20 territories and stands at $153.2m with China and Japan set for October 21 and 24, respectively.


Guardians Of The Galaxy brought in a further $2.4m from 33 territories to stand at $330.4m and $653.8m worldwide. The Marvel Studios release has fared best in the UK, where it stands at $46.9m with China to open this week.