Fox International’s reigning box office champion A Good Day To Die Hard could use its $133.8m perch to cross $150m in this, its third weekend in release.

Quadruple Oscar winner Life Of Pi has amassed $472.5m, while Hitchcock has grossed an early $12.7m and arrives in Brazil, among others.

Park Chan-wook’s English-language debut Stoker debuts in the UK, the director’s native South Korea and Hong Kong this weekend, while Parental Guidance opens in Germany, Austria and Spain. Dyatlov Pass Incident opens in Russia.

Django Unchained has amassed $225.2m through Sony Pictures Releasing International and opens in Japan and Taiwan, while Hotel Transylvania has grossed $191.5m

The Hobbit stands at $688m through Warner Bros Pictures International, while Gangster Squad is at $51m and best picture Oscar winner Argo $81m.

Jack The Giant Slayer is set to open day-and-date with North America in select Asian markets

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International reported that Academy Award winner Brave has reached $301.5m, Wreck-It Ralph $243.2m, Finding Nemo 3D $23.7m and Frankenweenie $46.1m.

Universal Pictures International’s Les Misérables was expected to cross $400m worldwide on Thursday or Friday. Mama stands at $29.3m.

Paramount Pictures International’s Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters opens in the UK as well as Germany, Spain and the Netherlands . Flight opens in Japan and South Korea.