UPDATED JUNE 9: A muscular launch for the latest Tom Cruise tentpole-elect by Warner Bros Pictures International provided a timely reminder of how the veteran’s star power remains undiminished, outside North America at least.

Edge Of Tomorrow, in which Cruise stars alongside Emily Blunt as time-travelling warriors who must thwart an alien threat, added $81m from more than 19,000 screens in 63 markets and nhas now reached $110.2m internationally, supplementing the disappointing $28.8m number three North American debut.

Doug Liman directed the sci-fi action release, which scored all-time opening records for Cruise and Liman in China on $25.1m from 6,813 screens and claimed 57% market share. The film brought in a further $4m on Monday according to estimated to reach $29.3m.

The sci-fi tore through Memorial Day holiday weekend in South Korea on $16.3m from 801 screens and delivered $7.4m from 1,648 in Russia to rank second in the all-time opening weekend pantheon for Cruise behind Oblivion.

A 63-market foray also produced $3.2m from 585 in France, $3.2m from 1,238 in Mexico and $2.8m from 477 in Australia. There was a mighty $1.2m debut in the UAE on 81.

Edge added $2.1m from 561 in the second weekend in the UK to boost the tally to $7.2m. and opened in Scandinavia on $1.4m. Japan, long a Cruise stronghold, receives the film on July 4.

Edge grossed $7.3m from 333 international Imax screens and $11.5m worldwide. China stood out on $3.4m, while South Korea generated $1.1m and the Middle East locations produced a $38,000 per-screen average.

Godzilla added $5.4m from 63 markets to reach $208m and opens in China on June 13 and Japan through Toho on July 25.

Last weekend’s champion Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie delivered another impressive result as $59.7m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International propelled the running total after two sessions to $208.1m and $335.5m worldwide.

UPDATED: Fox International top brass reported that X-Men: Days Of Future Past grossed a further $41.1m from 76 markets to soar past the $400m mark and reach $421.2m and $610.8m globally.

The sci-fi adventure crossed $100m in China to reach $104.4m and rank as Fox’s third biggest release behind Avatar and Titanic. It opened top in Spain on $2.9m from 803.

The film stands at $38.9m after in the UK after three sessions and has become the biggest release in the X-Men series.

The Fault In Our Stars combined the $48m number one North American debut with a highly impressive $16.6m debut in 17 markets.

The YA release opened top in Brazil on $5.9m from 684, second in Mexico on $3.8m from 1,28n2 and top in Australia on $3.7m from 272.

Fox’s The Other Woman stands at $95.6m and Rio 2 $342.5m. The Grand Budapest Hotel has reached $103.8m and arrived in Japan on $508,000 from 100 screens.

UPDATED: Sony Pictures Releasing International executives said 22 Jump Street – set to arrive this week in North America – opened in two markets on $8.9m, the bulk of which came from a massive $8.2m number one debut in the UK from 780 screens that was three times bigger than its 2012 predecessor.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has crossed $500m and stands at $501.9m.

UPDATED: Universal Pictures Intenational’s Seth MacFarlane comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West added a confirmed $6.2m from 37 territories for $19.8m.

Neighbors stands at $85.3m and Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Spanish Affairs) $75.9m.