Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) claimed a tight weekend as Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi adventure led the field with four major number one debuts. There was good news for Warner Bros too as Pacific Rim became its biggest release in China on just over $100m.

Elysium’s estimated $23.4m haul from 4,640 screens in 41 markets propelled the early tally to $39.2m.

France was the top earner on a $4.1m number one result from 466, followed by table-topping launches in Spain on $3.3m from 461, Australia on $3.19m from 320 and Germany on $3.17m from 584.

The film delivered $3m in Russia from 1,400 to boost the running total to $12.5m after two weekends.

There were also number one opening weekend in Holland on $800,000 from 80, Singapore on $750,000 from 46 and Austria on $450,000 from 71.

A solid weekend for SPRI saw The Smurfs 2 bring in a further $20m from 8,550 in 66 for $145m. Germany led the third weekend on $1.8m from 1,079 for $12.2m, followed by Brazil on $1.7m from 670 for $11.3m and France on $1.6m from 652 for $11.4m.

The UK generated $1.4m from 508 for $13.4m, Mexico $1m from 994 for $10.5m and Spain $778,000 from 569 for $9.3m. Russia has produced $11.8m.

Grown Ups 2 added $10m from 2,960 in 33 resulting in $45m. The comedy opened top in Mexico on $3.7m from 891 and added $1.8m in the UK from 368 for $7.5m after two weekends. Brazil produced a number three debut on $1.5m from 243.

White House Down stands at $59.2m and arrived in Japan at number three on $2.9m from 488.

This Is The End has grossed $16.7m and has been a hit in Australia on $6.9m after five weekends.

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, from Fox International, grossed $21.8m from 5,576 screens in 36 markets for an early $36.5m. Brazil delivered a number one result on $3.9m from 595 for Fox’s fourth biggest opening ever for Fox in the market.

Percy drew $3.6m from 584 in its French debut for number two and arrived in Germany in second place on $2.1m from 631. The UK generated $1.4m from 485 for $6.6m after two weekends. Overall, Percy ranks number one in nine markets.

The Wolverine soared past $200m as $10.8m from 6,726 in 72 raised the tally to $216.4m as the active release overtook X-Men: First Class to rank as the second biggest in the franchise. It will become the biggest when it overtakes the $225m score set by X-Men: The Last Stand within the week.

Turbo, from DreamWorks Animations, added $2.9m from 1,412 screens in 31 markets to reach $65.9m in the early stages, powered by a superb $1.3m number one launch in Venezuela from 70.

The Heat stands at $50.2m and has grossed $9.6m in the UK after three sessions and $13.4m in Australia after six.

Pacific Rim, Warner Bros Pictures International’s hit, took another stride towards the $300m mark as $20m from approximately 5,500 screens in 58 territories elevated the running total to $286m.

The sci-fi action release crossed $100m in China as $14.6m from 2,100 boosted the score to $101.1m to hold on to its top berth ahead of local release Unbeatable. The film has become Warner Bros’ biggest release in the market and the sixth biggest Hollywood release in history ahead of Marvel’s The Avengers and Kung Fu Panda 2.

Pacific Rim added $1.7m from 598 in its second weekend in Japan where it took advantage of the Obon holidays to reach $9.1m. Staying with the second weekend holds, Brazil and Spain delivered $1.2m from 510 for $4.6m and $412,000 from 461 for $2.7m, respectively.

Behind China, the top six markets rank as follows: Russia $20.5m, South Korea $18m, Mexico $15.8m, the UK $2.5m and Taiwan $10.3m.

We’re The Millers began its international roll-out on an impressive $10.6m from approximately 1,600 screens in 13 international markets.

Russia led the way on $3m from 888 rising to $6.8m including week-long previews. The comedy arrived in Australia on $2.3m from 342 including previews.

The Conjuring grossed $7.9m from 2,300 in 20 markets for an excellent $65.3m and stands at $2.4m in the UK after three weekends and $2.7m in Argentina after two.

Universal Pictures International executives reported another powerful weekend for Despicable Me 2 as $19.5m from 6,300 in 26 boosted the score to $435.2m.

The family film opened top in Russia on a mighty $12.2m from 950 sites, resulting in Universal’s second biggest release behind Fast 6 and the biggest debut on the year-to-date for an animation.

Kick-Ass 2 opened in 17 territories day-and-date with North America and grossed $6.3m from 1,500 venues. It launched in the UK on $4m from 482 in second place.

Fast & Furious 6 stands at $547m.

Now You See Me took $9.5m through Lionsgate International licensees to stand at $158m. Red 2 added $3.9m for $51.5m.

Planes brought in $7.3m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International from nine territories and stands at $7.3m. The animation arrived in the UK on $2.9m for a projected number one and Spain on $2.4m for number two.

Monsters University added $6m from 52 for $397.5m while The Lone Ranger has reached $130.1m following a $7.6m weekend.

World War Z added $4.3m through Paramount Pictures International from 2,306 locations in 43 markets for $319.3m after nine weekends. It added $2.4m from the second weekend in Japan for $12.4m and stands at $12.7m in Spain and $20,3m in France.

Pain And Gain took $1.3m for $10.4m and is yet to release in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Brazil.

Star Trek Into Darkness has amassed $226.5m with Japan to come. Chile also had an excellent opening at almost triple the results of the last Trek, with a terrific $290k from 47 cinemas.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa added $1.34m in the UK through StudioCanal and stands at $6.6m after two weekends.