DECEMBER 22 UPDATE: New Line-MGM’s Middle Earth epic plundered a confirmed $109m to dominate its second session with ease.


UPDATED: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies is en route to a massive run and has reached $269m from 59 markets after two sessions.

The film arrived in 22 new territories led by South Korea’s $10.3m for number one and Spain’s $6.5m for the biggest launch of the year.

In other number one debuts, Italy generated $6.1m, Turkey $3.4m in the biggest ever launch for a US film, Malaysia $2.9m and Taiwan $2.8m.

Germany led holdovers on $13.3m for $38.6m to stay top, as did the UK on $8.5m for $31.8m, France on $8.2m for $25.5m, Russia on $5.1m for $21.8m, Brazil on $3.3m for $13.1m and Sweden $2.1m for $9.2m.

Mexico produced $2.6m for $10.9m for second place, while Japan generated $1.3m for $5.6m. Five Armies arrives in Australia on December 26.

The Middle Earth epic generated a December Imax record of $20.1m from world markets as the running total vaulted to a little shy of $30m.

Imax produced $6.5m from 217 international screens for $15m-plus. Hong Kong delivered $100,000 per screen and South Korea $75,000 per screen.

Interstellar added $5.1m from 57 to surge to $464.2m, of which China grossed $122.6m, South Korea $72.8m, the UK $31.6m, Russia $25.5m and France $21.8m.

Germany has produced $18.1m, Australia $16.7m, Italy $13.3m, Spain $10.8m and Taiwan $9m.

Horrible Bosses 2 has reached $37.3m following a $2.8m sessions from 49. The comedy delivered $988,000 in its second weekend in Australia for $3.8m and stands at $5.7m in the UK.

Russia has produced $3.3m, Germany $3m and Brazil $2.6m.


Jiang Wen’s Gone With The Bullets opened in China on $36m. The film took $4.2m from 185 Imax screens for a new opening weekend mark for a Chinese-language title that beat the previous holder Monkey King’s $4.1m.


Amir Khan comedy-drama P.K. took $22.1m from its debut in India for what is shaping up to become a Bollywood record. Khan reunites with his 3 Idiots director Rajkumar Hirani on the story of a seemingly naive stranger whose innocent questions change all around him.


UPDATE: Dreamworks Animation’s Penguins Of Madagascar grossed $16.5m from 54 to reach $135.6m, powered by a $5.1m number one debut in Mexico and a $3.9m number three opening in France.

The animation added $1.1m for $10.1m in Germany after four sessions, $1.1m for $6.6m in the UK after three and $654,000 for $18.1m in Russia after four.

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb ventured into 29 markets and made off with $10.9m led by $2.9m in the UK for number three, $2m in Germany for number two and $1.6m in Hong Kong for number one.

Exodus: Gods And Kings added $7.9m from 37 for $62.3m and used $1.1m from the third session in Mexico to climb to $9.7m and $860,000 from Australia for $5.9m after the same period of time.

The Biblical adventure stands at $11.1m in South Korea and $8.5m in Spain after three.

Gone Girl stands at $184.7m and The Pyramid $8.9m.


In its fourth weekend in release Paddington consolidated its status as the company’s biggest ever film in the UK, adding $3.9m (£2.5m) for $28.3m (£18.1m).

Overall the children’s film added approximately $10m for $60m internationally.

The Imitation Game brought in a further $565,000 (£362,000) in its sixth weekend for $20.8m (£13.3m).


Big Hero 6 grossed $11.5m to reach $81.6m and $272m worldwide. Russia stands at $20.1m, Mexico $15.9m, Malaysia $5.9m, the Philippines $4.4m and Singapore $3.9m.

Disney scored the second biggest animation in company history in Japan behind Frozen as the running total climbed to an early $81.6m.

The next wave of major releases comes in 2015 with South Korea and Germany on January 22, the UK on January 30, France on February 11 and China on March 1.


UPDATE: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 grossed $9.9m from 82 territories as the international running total climbed to $351m and $639.7m worldwide.

The UK remains the lead market on $44.8m, Germany on $35.3m, Australia on $26.5m, France on $23.7m and Mexico on $23m.

Brazil has generated $21.5m, Scandinavia $19.1m, CIS $17.1m, Spain $14.3m and Benelux $11.2m.


UPDATE: Dumb And Dumber To, which Universal distributes in seven territories, grossed $3m in five Universal territories to stand at $11.8m. The comedy debuted in the UK in fourth place on $2.8m and French-speaking Switzerland on $42,000.

Legendary’s Seventh Son, which Universal is distributing worldwide, debuted in France in sixth place on $1m. Remaining territories roll out in the coming months.

The Theory Of Everything stands at $2.9m and opens in German-speaking Europe on December 25.