UPDATE: Gravity held on to its number one international berth for the fourth consecutive weekend as a confirmed $37.7m boosted the score to $164.4m. SPRI’s Stalingrad reached $45.8m to become the biggest Russian film of all time.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s space survival thriller was active on 7,340 screens in 53 markets and 3D venues accounted for roughly 75% of weekend business. With openings to come in the UK, China and Japan, the film appears locked on course to cross $300m internationally. By October 27 the global tally had reached $364.2m.

Gravity opened top in France on a mighty $12.3m including previews from 451 as 3D generated around 95% of earnings. It stayed top in its second weekend in South Korea as $5.9m from 550 to raise the tally to $15.4m. The second weekend in Mexico generated $3.8m from 1,600 to rank top and reach $11.9m.

After four weekends the film has amassed $19.4m in Russia, $14.2m in Australia, $13.5m in Germany, $8.7m in Spain, $8m in Italy and $6.2m in Brazil.

Japanese production Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: The Rebellion Story opened top in Japan on $4.2m from 129 screens. The film is a Magic Quartet / Aniplex production distributed through Warner Bros Japan. The Conjuring stands at $176.2m while We’re The Millers has amassed $112.6m.

  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 brought in an estimated $17.9 through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) from 5,935 screens in 42 markets to boost the running total to $49.2m. The family animation arrived at number one in the UK on $6.1m from 1,225, which was roughly 48% above the 2009 original according to unadjusted figures.

Cloudy 2 opened in third place in Russia on $3.8m from 1,100 to finish 11% above the original and ranked the same in Germany on $3.2m from 960 in a result that placed 70% above the first film. Latest figures put it at $10.6m in Brazil and $7.8m in Mexico, both after four weekends.

Captain Phillips grossed $12.1m from 3,170 in 32 for $26.7m and added $3.9m from 730 in the second weekend in the UK to reach $12.8m. The true-life Somali hijacking thriller starring Tom Hanks opened top in Australia on $2.1m from 335 and arrived at number five in South Korea on $985,000 from 305. The Hong Kong debut generated $770,000 from 82 for number one. In the second weekend in Spain, Captain Phillips added $830,000 from 393 for $3.4m.

Stalingrad grossed $5.7m from 1,353 in Russia and Ukraine for $45.8m, taking $5.4m in Russia from 1,200 for $42.8m to overtake The Irony Of Fate 2 and become the biggest local film in history.

Insidious: Chapter 2 grossed $4.5m from 1,610 in 35 for $41.8m and opened in Taiwan at number one on $560,000 from 80. The horror sequel added $750,000 in Germany from 308 for $2.6m.

2 Guns grossed $3m for $36.6m through SPRI and opened in Italy in third place on $1.2m from 278. Foresight Unlimited handled international sales.

  • UPDATE: DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo generated a further $14.3m from 5,393 screens in 23 markets to boost the running total to $164.9m through Fox International. In a strong of solid second sessions the family animation earned $5.7m from 700 in France for $11.9m, $2.1m from 1,245 in the UK for $10m and $1.3m from 666 in Spain for $3.8m.

Debuts in Belgium and Sweden generated $1.2m from 140 for a strong number one and $595,369 from 271 for number two, respectively.

The Wolverine brought in a further $6.7m in China from 3,360 for a highly aggressive $30.2m after two weekends to hold at number one as the X-Men spin-off reached $275.1m internationally and crossed $400m worldwide. The Wolverine now ranks as the second biggest film of the franchise worldwide behind X-Men 3 on $457m.

Runner Runner added $2m for $41.4m, while Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters stands at $125.8m, The Heat $70.7m and The Internship $49m.

Ridley Scott’s all-star drug cartel thriller The Counselor arrived day-and-date with North America in four territories for $635,535 and led the way in Brazil on $532,261 from 156 for number four. The majority of markets will open in November.

  • The number one film in North America Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa opened in 16 territories through Paramount Pictures International and scored $8.1m from 1,014 sites.

The result was more than three times the multiple of Jackass 2 launches in the same markets and on a par with Jackass 3D. The 2D comedy starring Johnny Knoxville as a geriatric prankster scored to franchise-high debuts, opening in the UK on $3.2m from 371 and launching at number one in Germany on $3.1m from 285.

  • Escape Plan arrives in China this week and added $7m from 44 Lionsgate International licensees to reach $28.1m. The prison break thriller opened top in Singapore on $645,000 from 25 and arrived in Vietnam on $129,000. Russia stands at $5.8m, the UK $3.2m and Malaysia $2.4m.

Prisoners grossed $5.1m from 50 markets for $42.4m, of which roughly $4.7m comes from the Warner Bros markets of Australia, New Zealand and Spain. Now You See Me opened in its final market of Japan on $1.2m and grossed $5.6m overall from 19 markets for $234m. The Last Stand had a late debut in China, where it ranked number three on $4.7m to push the thriller’s international running total to $33.1m.

  • The thriller Accomplices earned approximately $5m through South Korea’s CJ Entertainment.
  • Planes added $4.5m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to elevate the running total to $118m. The family animation stands at $13.6m in the UK, $9.1m in France, $7.8m in Spain, $7.4m in Mexico, $7.3m in Germany, $6.9m in Australia, $6.2m in Brazil and $5.6m in Russia. Latin America has been strong as is often the case with family releases: Planes has grossed $4.1m in Venezuela and $4m in Argentina.

The Fifth Estate stands at an early $2.9m following a $900,000 haul. The Wikileaks drama has grossed $1.6m in the UK and $500,000 in Spain through Mister Smith Entertainment licensees and $300,000 through Disney.

  • UPDATE: Despicable Me 2 has crossed $900m worldwide through Universal and added $4.7m from 1,878 venues in 31 territories through Universal Pictures International as the tally climbed to $542.3m. The global number stands at $906.5m.

The family animation smash held strong at number one in its third weekend in Italy as $2.9m from 470 boosted the score to approximately $17.2m. It stands at $23.3m in Japan after five weeks.

Despicable Me 2 has amassed $71.7m in the UK, $47.7m in Mexico, $37.9m in Germany, $36.3m in France, $35.6m in Brazil, $35.2m in Russia and $32.6m in Australia.

About Time added $3.7m from 1,676 in 39 for $30.4m and opened on $334,000 in New Zealand from 71 theatres and arrived in Colombia on approximately $75,000 from 35.

Las Brujas De Zugarramurdi (Witching & Bitching) has grossed $5.9m in Spain after five weeks.

  • The young adult sci-fi adventure Ender’s Game generated $2.9m through Sierra/Affinity licensees. The UK produced $1.9m from 518 screens through eOne heading into half-term holidays and the film also arrived in German-speaking Europe, taking $800,000 in Germany through Constantin. Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Hailee Steinfeld star. Lionsgate-Summit opens the film in the US this week and Ender’s Game also opens in Italy and Russia this week.
  • Rush stands at $15.8m (£9.8m) in the UK through StudioCanal.