The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug crossed $500m in its third weekend following an estimated $58m haul from 62 Warner Bros Pictures International markets.

The Warner Bros, New Line and MGM fantasy sequels sits on $527m internationally and $756m worldwide. Smaug added $9.6m from 1,378 screens in Russia to reach $42m after three sessions and held on to number one for the fourth consecutive session in Germany where $8.6m from 1,440 boosted the tally to $75.1m.

Smaug held on to pole position in its second weekend in Australia as $5.5m from 631 elevated the running total to $23m, while $5.5m from 840 in the fourth session in France resulted in number two and $46.3m.

In its fourth session in the UK the film grossed $5.2m from 1,000 for $60.8m and finished the three-day weekend in top place.

Elsewhere Smaug has generated $21.1m in Spain, $17.5m in Sweden, $17.1m in Mexico and Italy and $16.4m in South Korea and Brazil. It opens in China on February 21 and Japan a week later.

  • Close behind Smaug was Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Frozen on $52m from 49 territories in its sixth weekend for $342.1m.

The film crossed has reached $639.9m at the worldwide box office. It ranks as the second biggest Disney Animation release behind The Lion King and the fourth biggest original animation of any studio behind The Lion King, Finding Nemo and Up.

Frozen has become the biggest Disney/Pixar animation release in Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia and Singapore and the biggest Disney Animation release in the UK and Norway, where it has grossed $50.4m and $4.7m, respectively.

Germany has generated $40.2m, France $38.5m, Russia $29.3m, Italy $22m, Mexico $19.7m and Spain $18.1m.

Frozen arrived in Brazil on $4.2m rising to $5.9m including previews for the biggest Disney/Pixar debut. Argentina produced a $2.8m debut for the second biggest Disney/Pixar launch, while Colombia and Chile each generated Disney/Pixar’s third biggest opening weekend behind Monsters University and Toy Story 3. Saving Mr Banks has grossed $6.7m, of which $6.5m comes from the UK.

  • Fox International’s The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty added $31.5m from around 7,000 screens in 56 markets to reach $68.8m after two weekends.

Ben Stiller’s romantic adventure opened in Russia on $4.8m from 1,100, South Korea on $3.4m from 371, Germany on $3.3m from 576 and France on the same amount from 456.

In the second session Australia generated $2.5m from 326 for $7.3m while the UK produced $2.1m from 600 for $8.7m. Spain added $1.5m from 376 for $6.8m.

Walking With Dinosaurs brought in a further $11.3m from 49 for $52.6m after three sessions. Australia generated a $1.9m number five debut from 300. The UK added $1.2m from 491 for $7.3m after three.

  • 47 Ronin has reached $51.3m through Universal Pictures International following a $20.5m haul from 3,304 venues in 34 territories, fuelled by a five-day $13.1m debut in Russia in 886 sites. The martial arts film is in a battle for number one with local comedy Elki 3 and national holidays run through January 8.

India delivered a number one debut on $202,000 from 252. There are 28 territories to go over the next few months.  

Universal holds German-speaking rights to the English-language release Der Medicus (The Physician) and the film brought in a further $9.3m from 795 in four territories for a 12-day total of $24.8m. It stands at $22.1m in Germany, where it ranks number two. The film grossed $10.5m through al distributors for $28.5m.

The Wolf Of Wall Street grossed $413,000 from German-speaking Switzerland for $1.1m. Universal holds distribution rights for nine territories including the UK – where the dark comedy will debut on January 17 – and the early total for its markets is $1.4m.

Universal distributes Inside Llewyn Davis in Spain where the film opened on January 1 on $721m from 122 to rank number 12.

Universal holds 13 territories for Last Vegas, which added $3.2m from 407 in eight territories at the weekend to reach an early $11.5m. The UK generated a $3.1m number four debut from 378 sites.

About Time stands at $67.6m and held firm at number six in South Korea in the fifth session on $1.3m from 226 for $21.6m. Italian comedy Colpi Di Fortuna is winding down in Italy where it has grossed $14.3m after three sessions.

  • Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones launched through Paramount Pictures International on $16.1m from 24 territories.

The UK led the way on $3.2m from 350 screens, followed by France on $3.1m from 250 and Germany on $3m from 285. Mexico delivered $2m from 555 and Spain $1m form 242.

Argentina produced $628,000 from 100 locations while Peru delivered the fifth biggest horror debut in history on $456,000 from 69 for 20% market share of the entire weekend. The Netherlands delivered $339,000 from 344.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues added $5.4m from seven territories for $35m. The UK grossed a further $3m for $20m after three sessions and has grossed six times the lifetime total of the 2004 original. Australia added $2.1m for $12.5m also after three. Bad Grandpa stands at $5 44.1m.

  • The Attorney added $10.8m for $54m.
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 added $4m from 1,950 screens in 35 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International as the running total climbed to $130.3m.