JULY 18 UPDATE: Fox International top brass reported another dominant international session from the Hollywood contingent as the Blue Sky Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Animation tentpole added a confirmed $53.1m from 60 markets.

Ice Age: Collision Course


UPDATED: The haul boosted the running total for Ice Age: Collision Course to $126.7m after three weekends and secured number one slots in 35 markets. France led the way on $7m from 873 screens – a solid debut in what turned out to be a more robust market than expected in the wake of last week’s deadly Bastille Day attack in Nice.

Russia also delivered a number one result on $5.8m from 1,236, while the UK launch debuted at number two on $5.1m from 845.

Fox International scored its biggest second weekend in Argentina (and the industry’s third biggest second weekend), where $2.8m from 378 elevated the tally to $8.1m following a 32% drop. A $1.7m debut from 977 in India ranked third for the industry’s biggest non-holiday animation launch and executives said it exceeded that of Ice Age 4 by roughly 130%.

Ice Age: Collision Course debuted top in Spain on $1.5m from 837 and opened at number one in Turkey, where despite nationwide unrest caused by the failed coup it managed $546,817 from 551.

Mexico has generated $19.7m and Germany $13.4m after three sessions each, Brazil $11.5m after two and Australia $7.9m after three.

Independence Day: Resurgence grossed a further $16.6m from 73 and surged to $239.8m, led by a $6.4m number one homecoming for director Roland Emmerich on 1,134 screens that delivered the fifth biggest launch of 2016 so far.

The apocalyptic sci-fi has reached $16.6m after four weekends in the UK.

The quintessentially British comedy Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie climbed to $17.9m in the UK after a $1.6m haul from the third session, while Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates added $2.2m from 21 for $7.2m after two weekends and stands at $3.7m in Australia.


UPDATED: Pixar’s Finding Dory added $38m in its fifth weekend for $277.8m from 45 territories. Overall the animation has grossed $723.5m worldwide, of which $445.5m comes from North America.

China leads the way on $38.3m with roughly 80% of the international arena now active, followed by Australia on $33.7m, Brazil on $23.7m, France on $16.8m, Spain on $15.6m and Russia on $9.1m.

Argentina has produced $14.4m and South Korea an estimated $12.5m. The film scored a $9.6m debut in Mexico for the second highest Disney Animation or Pixar opening of all time behind Toy Story 3 with six weeks of summer holidays to leverage.

Finding Dory arrived in Japan on $7.1m from Saturday and Sunday ahead of Monday’s national holiday, and debuted in Hong Kong on $2.8m including previews.

In Brazil the film stayed top for the third consecutive session and ranks as the biggest Disney Animation or Pixar release of all time on $23.8m, contributing more than one-quarter of Latin America’s $80.5m running total.

Australia has produced $33.7m to establish Finding Dory as the top Disney Animation or Pixar release the second biggest animation of all time in the country behind Shrek 2.

Finding Dory is now the highest grossing Disney Animation or Pixar release in Slovakia, South Africa, Oman and the UAE. 

Finding Dory is now the highest grossing Disney Animation or Pixar release in Slovakia, South Africa, Oman, the UAE, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The BFG added $3m to reach $17.3m from five territories, which equates to roughly 30% of Disney’s share of international markets, comprising the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions. Mister Smith handled sales in the balance.

Australia has generated roughly $9.3m, Russia $5.4m and New Zealand $1.2m. Steven Spielberg’s Roald Dahl adaptation arrived in Argentina on $800,000.

Alice Through The Looking Glass crossed $200m internationally and stands at $58.8m in China and $16.3m in Japan, while the UK has delivered $13.9m and Mexico $13.7m. Russia, France and Brazil have all taken between $9m and $10m. Overall the film grossed $3.1m to reach $200.9m.


UPDATED: The Legend Of Tarzan used a $23.1m session from 55 markets to swing to $91.7m in a weekend that saw worldwide box office climb to an anaemic $194.8m given the stated $180m production cost.

The adventure delivered a $1.6m number one debut in Italy for a 60% market share of the top five. The Nordic region generated $4.8m overall, as Sweden produced $2.3m for number one and the lion’s share of weekend results, while France mustered apporximately $2.4m after a miniscule drop to reach $6.3m after two.

In other second weekend results, Mexico added around $2m for $9.4m, the UK around $2m for $8.7m and Australia around $1.8m for $6.2m. South Korea has generated $6.1m. Tarzan heads into China, Brazil and Spain this week.

New Line’s The Conjuring 2 added $4.2m from 60 markets to scale a mountain called $200m and settle on $200.2m.

Mexico remains the horror sequel’s lead market on $20.3m, ahead of the UK on $15.1m, South Korea on $13.5m, Brazil on $13.4m, Indonesia on $12.5m and India on $12.4m.

The breakout global romance Me Before You added $7.9m from 54 to reach $117.5m in its seventh weekend.

Brazilian film-goers have responded most pasionately on $15.7m, followed by the UK on $13.5m, Germany on $12.8m, Mexico on $10.9m, Australia on $8.6m and South Korea on $6.5m.

Norway has delivered $4.7m, Taiwan $4m, Russia $2.9m and Spain $2.6m. Italy receives the film on September 1.


UPDATED: Ghostbusters arrived day-and-date with the number two North American debut to plunder $18.1m from three major markets and a handful of smaller locales.

The UK lead the way on with a $5.8m number one performance from 1,050 screens for a new high-water mark for director Paul Feig. Studio executives reported the debut landed in the same range as those of Men In Black 3, Thor and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The film arrived top in Australia on $3.6m from 493 and was said to be tracking on par with Men In Black 3 and Ant-Man and ahead of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by 8%.

It opened in Brazil on $2.2m from 722 for another Feig milestone that opened roughly 11% ahead of Snow White And The Huntsman and 7% bigger than Rise of the Planet Of The Apes. It remained unclear whether the reference points in all cases had been adjusted for inflation.

Weekend business included $1m from 105 Imax screens. The film will open in the coming weeks in Italy, Russia, Germany, France, Mexico, Spain, Japan and South Korea.  

The Shallows grossed $4.2m from 13 markets. To reach an early $7.8m ahead of a more intense roll-out in August. The Brie survival thriller debuted in South Korea on $1.5m, delivered $975,000 in Mexico and $685,000 in Spain. Russia produced $680,000 for $2.7m after two weekends and Japan is on the horizon this week.


UPDATED: Now You See Me 2 benefited from a $18.2m session from 77 markets to cross $200m and settle on $203.9m with most major markets in Europe waiting in the wings.

The international performance appears on course to overtake the 2013 original’s $234m final international score and offers a welcome distraction from the disappointing run in North America, where the $64m tally will finish well short of the predecessor’s inflation-unadjusted final gross of $117.7m.

The mystery secured top berth in South Korea on $12.5m including previews, which executives said exceeded the original in local currency terms by 89%, although it was unclear whether the comparison takes inflation into account.

China drives the engine and the film has amassed $96.5m there and ranks as the 13th biggest release of the year-to-date. Now You See Me 2 ventures into Mexico and Spain this week.


Edko Films’Cold War 2, the number one film in China, grossed a further $17.3m for an $87.3m running total. The Hong Kong thriller stars Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok and Leung Ka Fai.

Beijing’s Enlight Media’s animated 3D fantasy-adventure Big Fish & Begonia added $14.3m for $66m.

New release Larry Met Mary opened on $15m and stands at an early $15.6m, while Tik Tok debuted on $7.5m for $7.6m.


UPDATED: New Line Cinema and Universal Pictures’ Central Intelligence took in $10m from 52 to push up to $63.1m.

The comedy opened in seven including table-topping results in the UAE on $1.3m and the Middle East on $1m. Australia is the top earner thus far on $10m, followed by the UK on $9.5m and Germany on $6.8m.

Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures’ The Secret Life Of Pets used a $4.4m session to vault to $50.9m from nine territories, an early score that will grow as the number one North American hit debuts in a further 57 in the next three months. The UK delivered $2.7m from 524 sites for $34.8m and the worldwide tally stands at $254.1m.

The Purge: Election Year from Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes grossed $3.5m for $7.1m and arrived in Spain at number two on $816,000 from 240 and Argentina in third place on $789,000 from 100.

Dalian Wanda-owned Legendary and Universal Pictures’ Warcraft stands at $164.2m following a $947,000 boost. The worldwide haul factoring China’s $221m stands at $432.5m.

Pedro Almodovar’s recent Cannes selection Julieta stands at $1.4m from six Latin American territories, where Universal holds distribution rights.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows grossed $4.2m from 26 markets to reach $150.3m, powered by a third weekend in China that enticed $2.1m from film-goers for a $56.7m tally.