UPDATE Jan 15: Films licensed internationally by the ‘big indie’ sales agents in the US generated more than $1bn at the box office in calendar year 2013.

Senior executives reported that IM Global delivered $189m, TWC International $174m, FilmNation $166.2m and Sierra/Affinity $161.7m.

Top of the pile for IM Global was Lee Daniels’ The Butler on $61.8m. The company’s box office report includes films financed and/or produced in-house and third-party sales titles – as with every other company in this article.

Walking With Dinosaurs grossed $37.2m, a number that includes Fox International territories after IM Global licensed multiple rights to the studio at AFM 2010.

A Haunted House produced $19.3m, Before Midnight $15.2m, Bullet To The Head $14.5m and Dark Skies $9.1m.

Both Before Midnight and Bullet To The Head grossed nearly twice as much internationally as they did in the US, while Hummingbird on $7.1m andWelcome To The Punch on $3.9m far exceeded US performance.

Box office for New York-based The Weinstein Company’s international slate amounted to $174m, powered by Silver Linings Playbook on $88.9m.

Next was Scary Movie 5 on $46.4m followed by Escape From Planet Earth on $14.4m.

Turning to the third-party titles, The Master generated $9m internationally for TWC’s partners, while Lee Daniels’ The Butler grossed $6.4m in the UK.

FilmNation top brass reported that the New York entity’s films delivered approximately $166.2m for the year outside the US, led by Side Effects on $38m. Safe Haven generated $32.6m, 21 & Over $24.3m and The Bling Ring $16.4m.

Leading the way in Sierra/Affinity’s $161.7m haul was Parker on $33.2m, Ender’s Game on $30.3m, The Place Beyond The Pines on $28.7m, The Call on $19.6m and Flight on $12.8m.

Panorama executives said Zero Dark Thirty amassed $95m internationally in 2013 – the biggest single international performer of the year in the independent space.

Films licensed by Exclusive Media produced $92m, of which Rush generated $67.7m, Snitch $16.7m and Metallica Through The Never $6.7m.

Foresight Unlimited’s EFM 2012 sales hit 2 Guns returned $63.7m outside the US in 2013.

Total box office for the companies mentioned in this article amounts to $933m. The number crosses $1bn when overall grosses are factored in from Nu Image, Hyde Park International, Voltage Pictures, The Solution Entertainment Group and Myriad Pictures, among others, whose data was unavailable at time of writing.

Lionsgate was not included in this article. The studio’s international gross for 2013 reached $1.25bn and was reported previously on Screendaily.