UPDATED NOVEMBER 10: Interstellar dominated the international box office with an $82.9m take from approximately 14,8n00 screens in 62 markets, rising to approxiamtely $135.1m worldwide including the number two North American debut.


UPDATE: Imax produced around $20.6m globally and $7.2m from 206 international screens for a record 2D debut.

With Christopher Nolan’s film set to debut on Wednesday (November 12) in China – where audiences are often highly receptive to sci-fi – and Japan on November 22, the prospects for a mighty international run look promising.

South Korea led the way on a $14.4m number one debut from 1,312 screens, followed by the UK on $8.6m from 574 sites.

Interstellar took $8.9m in Russia from 1,800, $5.3m in France from 747, $4.6m from 718 in Germany, $3.7m from 580 in Italy and $3.7m from 548 in Australia.

In other highlights Mexico generated $3.1m from 1,746, Spain $2.7m from 555 and Brazil $1.9m from 421.

Annabelle added $6.5m from 55 for $160.3m.

Argentinian smash Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes) added $839,000 from eight markets including Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia to reach $23.9m. Japan’s Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends stands at $39.9m.


UPDATE: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took $17.7m for $273.6m led by a $14.1m second session in China that elevated the running total to $50.8m.

After four weekends the film has reached $20.7m in the UK, $14.1m in France and $9.9m in Germany.

Hercules stands at $169.6m including $11.3m from MGM licensees. 


UPDATE: The Maze Runner added $11.7m from 33 for $225.6m led by $6.4m from the second weekend in China for $22.9m.

Gone Girl surged past $300m worldwide as $8.7m from 43 markets boosted the tally to $158.4m and the global haul to $303.2m.

The Book Of Life grossed $3.6m from 23 for $35.1m and has reached $7.8m in the UK after three sessions. Let’s Be Cops stands at $39m.


UPDATE: Fury brought in $7m from 44 markets to reach $51.5m. Roughly $5.2m came from Sony markets for $39.3m and the $1.8m balance through QED International licensees for $12.2m.

Russia has produced $7.2m after two weekends and the UK $11.3m after three.

The Equalizer grossed $2.1m from 55 territories for $88.5m. Sony has delivered $81.3m and Village Roadshow $7.2m. The thriller stands at $8.5m in Germany after five, $3.6m in Spain after four and $2.7m in Japan after three.


The number one North America release Big Hero 6 is in the early stages of international release and took $7.6m for $23m overall and has reached $18.2m in Russia.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is on $19.3m and Marvel Studios’ Guardians Of The Galaxy is $438m, of which $95.7m comes from China.


UPDATE: Dracula Untold took $6.2m from 61 territories as the running total climbed to $147.6m. The Gothic release added $1.8m in its third session in Brazil for $9.3m and $1.6m in Italy for $5.2m after two.

The Boxtrolls has become the biggest Laika international release on $51.7m following a $2.6m weekend.

Ouija added $3m from 19 for $13.2m and added $1.1m in its second session in the UK for $4.2m.

German WWII drama Im Labyrinth Des Schweigens (Labyrinth Of Lies) opened in Germany and Switzerland over the weekend on a combined $416,774.     

Boyhood has reached $18.2m from 20 territories and opened in eighth place in South Korea on $111,000 from 86 theatres. There are 12 territories to go including India, Japan, Latvia and Taiwan this week.

Trash has reached an early $1.3m.