DreamWorks Animation’s summer hit has reached an estimated $208.4m through PPI, while Huntsman brought in a further $22.6m for UPI and Disney reported a $13.5m haul from Brave’s initial forays. Sony’s MIB 3 has crossed $400m.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted added $30.1m from 11,250 cinemas in 44 countries. Mexico led the holdovers on $3.5m to stay top and propel the running total to $20.4m. A further $3.3m from 773 cinemas in France boosted the tally to $18.5m while $2.9m from 1,284 in Russia despite the number one launch of Brave resulted in $42.3m.

Brazil generated $3m from 470 as the film held on to its number one berth and reached $22.9m. Argentina was the same story as $1.8m raised the tally to a dazzling $11m, while South Korea produced $1.6m for $8.6m.

Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Dictator added $4.4m in its sixth weekend from 2,186 venues in 37 countries for $83.2m. It opened in France on $1.9m from 334 cinemas and added $450,000 from 330 sites in the second weekend in Italy for $1.8m.

  • Snow White And The Huntsman grossed $22.6m through Universal Pictures International from 6,780 sites in 60 territories to boost the running total to $160.4m. The fantasy adventure opened top in Australia on $6.1m from 245, an outstanding result that relegated new arrival Brave to second place.

New Zealand also returned a number one launch on $640,000 from 68 and Chile produced a number two debut on $304,000 from 46.

Japanese audiences have responded to the film and rewarded it with a number one hold in the second weekend as $2.3m from 334 resulted in $10.6m. French crowds like it too and $2m from 579 boosted the tally after two weekends to $7.4m. Russia has generated $10.1m after two weekends and the UK $20.7m after four.

The Five-Year Engagement was in a three-way race for UK dominance with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and MIB 3 over a slow session where most minds were on England’s exploits in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals. Nevertheless the comedy managed $1.8m from 452 and whatever happens it appears that Prometheus will be forced off its box office perch for the first time in four weeks.

Battleship stands at $236.4m, American Pie: Reunion $175.2m and Moonrise Kingdom $2.4m from the UK. Universal holds rights for the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

  • Brave grossed $13.5m from an initial 10 territories through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to combine with the $66.7m North American number one debut for $80.2m worldwide.

Russia led the way on $5.6m and 42% market share, followed by Australia on $3.6m and 27% share and China on $2.2m and 17% share.

Turning to Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, that behemoth added $2.3m from 56 territories to reach a staggering $837.9m and $1.426bn worldwide combined with the $598.3m North American tally.

The Avengers ranks as the third biggest release of all time in North America and worldwide behind Avatar and Titanic and the fourth biggest release internationally behind James Cameron’s aforementioned duo and Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

  • MIB 3 brought in a further $10.5m through Sony Pictures Releasing International from 7,660 screens in 75 markets to consolidate its $400m club membership and reach $414m.

In the fifth weekend the UK led the way on $1.6m from 776 for $30.7m but Japan remains the lead market and added $1.1m from 600 for $35.4m. South Korea has generated $23.8m, Germany $22.8m, France $17.2m, Australia $16.7m and Brazil $16.6m.

Adam Sandler comedy That’s My Boy grossed $900,000 from 245 in seven as the tally after two weekends climbed to $2.8m.

  • Prometheus added $12.7m through Fox International from 6,911 screens in 61 markets to boost the running total to $152.9m. The UK led the way on $1.5m from 697 for $33.5m after four. Russia has produced $21.5m after four.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opened day-and-date with North America in 17 markets and grossed $8.1m from 2,656. Given that Timur Bekmambetov directed the action-heavy romp it was little surprise that Russia was the top market on $3.9m from 1,482 in second place. The UK produced $1.7m from 679 for a possible number one and was locked in a race with Sony’s MIB 3 and UPI’s The Five-Year Engagement.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International reported that Dark Shadows grossed $6.9m from 3,600 screens in 57 territories for a $143m internaitonal running total. The comedy adaptation opened in second place in Mexico on $2.6m from 656 and arrived in Brazil on $1.2m from 252 and opened in second place in Argentina on $657,000 from 72.

Tengo Ganas De Ti opened top in Spain on $4.3m from 538 including previews. Warner Bros Pictures presents a Zeta Cinema, Antenna 3 Films, Charanga and Estudios Hackenbush production.

Rock Of Ages added $2.9m from approximately 2,500 screens in 24 territories for an early $8.6m. The musical opened in Italy on $251,000 from 329 in second place.

  • StudioCanal reported that horror title Chernobyl Diaries opened in the UK on $826,000.