Sony’s This Is It topped international box office charts this week as the Michael Jackson documentary grossed a total of $68.9m in 74 territories.

The US-produced film had its strongest debut domestically, raking in more than $34m in North America, but also had a lucrative premiere in the UK, where it quickly became the country’s most successful concert movie. This Is It features previously unseen footage of the late King of Pop as he prepared for his sold-out concert series in London.

Meanwhile, Warner Brothers’ Micmacs debuted at number seven, bringing in $4.7m across 675 screens in France alone. Director Jean Pierre Jeunet’s comedy premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

The Russian drama Book Of Masters, distributed by Walt Disney, premiered at number nine as it opened in Russia and Kazakhstan. Averaging $5,530 over 771 screens, the movie grossed a total of $4.3m. Book Of Masters, based on a popular Russian fairy tale, is Disney’s first venture into one of the world’s fastest growing cinema markets.

Studio 18’s London Dreams brought in $3.8m across 16 territories in its first week, with its strongest debut in India. After a world premiere in Germany last month, this Bollywood musical received lukewarm box-office earnings in the UK and North America, debuting at numbers 11 and 23 respectively. A UK-India collaboration, London Dreams features Salman Kahn and Ajay Devgan as two childhood friends pursuing their dream of musical stardom.

Medusa’s Amore 14 premiered in Italy with an average of $5,512 over 423 screens, grossing a cumulative $2.3m in its first week. Screened at the Rome Film Festival last month, the coming-of-age story is an adaptation of Federico Moccia’s book of the same title. The author co-wrote the script and directed the movie, produced by Lotus Production.

Fresh Pretty Cure: The Kingdom Of Toys also had a lucrative first week. Toei’s anime film, based on a successful Japanese television series, is the sixth Pretty Cure feature-length production. Premiering on 159 screens across Japan, the movie grossed a total of $1.9m. Kingdom Of Toys follows the fifth film, All Stars DX, which was released last March, and includes characters from all previous series.