DreamWorks Animation’s burgeoning hit grossed an estimated $45.6m through PPI to propel the relatively early running total to $142.3m.

Driving weekend business were 16 debuts led by a sterling $7.2m in Germany from 680 sites and $5.9m in Brazil from 434. Both ranked number one. The film arrived in Australia on $4m from 262 and the UK on $3.1m from 510.

The film arrived in Australia on $4m from 262, the UK on $3.1m from 510, Argentina on $2.7m from 124 for the fourth biggest launch of all time and two excellent number one results in Colombia on $1.9m from 114 and Austria on $1.6m from 71.

France led the holdovers on $5m from 1,015 for $14.9m after two weekends. Overall Puss In Boots was active in 5,911 sites in 42 markets and added $2.6m in Mexico from 549 for $8m and $2m in Spain from 359 for $15.1m.

Puss In Boots has taken the international marketplace by storm and we couldn’t be more thrilled,” PPI’s new president Anthony Marcoly said. “The South American openings were stellar and Europe continues its strong performance. We look ahead to school holidays and a long sustained run throughout the Christmas season”.

  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 brought in a further $19.8m from approximately 7,800 venues in 73 markets in the fourth weekend as the running total climbed to $374m.

Germany led the holdovers on $3m from 753 locations for $26.8m followed by South Korea on $1.9m from 442 for $7.9m.

The UK is the lead market on $45m followed by CIS on $31.6m, France on $27.5m, Australia on $27.4m, Germany followed by Spain on $24.7m then Italy on $20.8m followed by South Korea. The film is set to open in Hong Kong on Dec 22 and Japan on Feb 25.

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s (SPRI) Arthur Christmas grossed $14.3m from 7,460 in 63 for $57.5m and opened in second place in Russia on $3.3m from 732. It added $2.2m in the UK from 780 for $21.2m after five.

The Adventures Of Tintin grossed $8.1m mostly through SPRI and PPI from 6,000 screens in 51 to reach $233.7m. The 3D animated adventure opened in South Korea through Lotte on $3.3m from 956 and added $1.6m in Japan through Toho for $7.2m after two weekends.

The running total has reached $53.6m in France and $25m in Spain, both through SPRI after seven weekends in release. PPI markets account for $52.7m while SPRI regions have generated $170.5m.

SPRI’s Vysotsky (Thank God I’m Alive) added $6.6m in its second weekend in Russia from 1,400 to stay top and reach $21.3m. Jack And Jill is at $15m and Moneyball stands at $27.9m.

  • New Year’s Eve brought in $12.9m from roughly 2,765 screens in 36 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International day-and-date with the number one North American launch. The rom-com grossed $2.8m in Australia, $2.4m in the UK and $1.8m in Germany.

Happy Feet Two added $10.1m from 6,830 in 47 markets for $49.2m and opened in France on $1.1m from 546. Russia is the lead market on $5.9m and the UK and Brazil have produced $4.5m and $4.4m, respectively.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International reported that DreamWorks’ Real Steel added $6.6m for $186.2m while The Help stands at $32.6m. Disney’s The Lion King 3D has reached $69.4m and The Muppets is on an early $5.8m from seven territories.
  • New Regency’s sci-fi thriller In Time grossed a confirmed $6.1m through Fox International from 1,850 screens in 34 markets to reach $92.2m. The highlight holdovers came from Germany and Spain, where $1.9m from 433 raised the tally to $5.1m and $1.2m from 345 boosted it to $5.1m, respectively.

Fox International Production’s You Are The Apple Of My Eye stands at $24.5m and $7.9m in Hong Kong after eight weekends.

  • Universal’s Tower Heist added $2.9m through UPI from 2,200 sites in 45 territories for $47m. The caper opened in Mexico on $775,000 from 358. Fuga De Cerebros, a local acquisition for Spain, added $1m from 320 for $4.9m after two weekends.

Immortals is understood to have crossed $100m through Lionsgate licensees and Universal and has reached $24.1m through UPI. Lionsgate had not reported latest results at time of writing. A Dangerous Method stands at $5.9m, The Thing $8.6m, Johnny English Reborn $153m and One Day $16.4m.