UPDATE: The weekend box office race turned on its head on Monday (21) as Fox International executives confirmed Rio 2 grossed $47.1m from 65 markets compared to $46.1m for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from 14 Sony markets.

UPDATE: Rio 2 now stands at $200.9m. The animation held well in China on $7.7m from 5,500 screens to rank third on $23.4m after two sessions. Mexico generated $4.3m from 2,026 to rank second on $18.1m after the same amount of time.

A further $3.9m from 1,486 in France boosted the tally to $9.6m for second place after two, while an outstanding $2m number one hold in Argentina on 281 elevated the tally to $4.6m. Brazil produced $2.3m from 762 for number three on $22.4m after four.

Rio 2 opened top in Italy on $2.4m from 686. The UK and Germany both rank second and have generated $16.1m and $9.6m after three sessions, respectively.

Spain stands at $6.9m after three and ranks third, while Colombia has delivered an outstanding $5.3m after two and ranks number one.

The Grand Budapest Hotel added $5.1m from 37 markets for $73.1m and Mr Peabody & Sherman $2.3m from 20 for $151.7m. The Book Thief has grossed $55.6m and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty $130.3m.

Comedy The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann opened one week ahead of the US in four markets on $5.3m from 448 screens. Australia led on a number two $4.2m debut from 293. The film arrives this week in 28 weekends.

  • UPDATE: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) on a terrific confirmed $46.1m from its first 14 markets, two weeks ahead of the North American launch.

SPRI top brass said the launch was roughly the same as the 2012 predecessor in the same bucket of markets. Approximately $2.3m came from Imax screens. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx star.

Spidey led the way in the UK on $15.1m from 1,634 screens for the biggest launch of the year-to-date and the biggest Friday gross for any Imax title.

There was also a 2014 high in Mexico on $10.8m, a $6m debut in Germany, $5.1m in Australia and $3.8m in Spain, second only behind local phenomenon Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Spanish Affairs).

Elsewhere, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrived in Sweden on $1.1m, Belgium on $949,169, German-speaking Switzerland on $486,504 and Austria on $650,268.

The film opens this week in 26 markets including Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia and South Korea.

  • Meanwhile Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier added $35.3m and opened in second place in its final market of Japan on $2m to reach $385.1m.

After four weeks it is tracking 199% ahead of the 2011 original, which ended on $194m. China is far and away the lead individual territory on $98.4m, followed by South Korea on $28.1m, the UK on $27.7m, Mexico on $23.4m and France on $16.2m.

The film has reached $586.6m at the worldwide box office and overtaken Captain America on $371m, Thor on $449m and Iron Man on $585m.

Frozen brought in a further $7.6m and overtook Ice Age 4 to reach $729.3m and become the biggest animation of all time at the international box office. Disney also announced that it had crossed $1bn in ticket sales for the year-to-date in company record time and stands at $1.086bn.

The lead market is Japan on $104.1m and Frozen’s global tally stands at $1.1129bn to rank as the sixth biggest release in history.

  • Noah brought in a further $21.6m through Paramount Pictures International from 56 markets to raise the running total to $197.4m. The worldwide tally stands at $290.7m.

The film added $3.7m from 490 theatres in its third weekend in Brazil to reach $22.9m and ranks as Paramount’s biggest release in the market. A further $2.1m from 485 in Italy boosted the score to $6.9m after two sessions.

Noah added $2m in both France and Germany to stands at $7m after two weekends and $9m after three, respectively. The UK generated $1.4m for $12.9m after three.

Russia has delivered a magnificent $32.8m, Turkey $4.6m for Paramount’s biggest release of all time and Poland $2.2m after staying top for the fourth consecutive weekend.

  • UPDATE: The Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall AI thriller Transcendence marking the feature directorial debut of Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer Wally Pfister launched day-and-date with North America in 27 mostly smaller markets, delivering an impressive $17.1m. The film generated approximately $3m from 500 global Imax screens.

The launch included an $11.5m debut in China on approximately 6,000 screens including180 Imax screens. The filmmakers created a special 3D version exclusively for release in China. Italy generated $1.1m from 293 screens.

Divergent brought in a further $18.1m from 68 markets to reach $75m. France added $2.2m from 586 for $6.5m after 12 days. South Korea opened on $1.9m from 507 and Brazil debuted on $2.1m from 482 screens. Australia stands at $6.1m.

  • UPDATE: Warner Bros Pictures International’s The Lego Movie brought in a further $7.3m from 33 markets for a $189.1m running total. The family hit opened in New Zealand on $780,000 from 165 including previews heading into school holidays and added $3.2m in Australia from 452 in the third session for $20.3m and $1.8m from 1,022 in Germany for $6.7m after two. 300: Rise of An Empire stands at $223.7m and The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug $694.7m.
  • Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Spanish Affairs) has become the biggest film of all time in Spain in terms of admissions on 6.43m. The rom-com extended its reign to a sixth consecutive weekend through Universal Pictures International, dominating new arrival The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as $5.8m (€4.2m) from 330 theatres boosted the tally to $52.8m (€38.6m). 

Babysitting, a French comedy that Universal is releasing in France and Latin America, opened in France on $3m (€2.2m) from 350 sites last week and ranked third.

47 Ronin stands at $112.6m and Ride Along $16m.