Source: Warner Bros


APRIL 8 UPDATE: Warner Bros and DC Entertainment’s Shazam! rules the global box office courtesy of a $159.1m opening weekend powered by a $102.3m international debut in 79 markets and a number one North American launch.

Paramount’s Pet Sematary opened on $17.3m in its first international wave, as Disney’s Dumbo and Universal’s Us both crossed $200m worldwide.


UPDATED: Shazam! ranks number one in 60 of its markets, and is the top film across the regions, led by a $30.4m (RMB 204m) launch in China during the Qingming holidays, where it ranks second.

Mexico delivered $5.8m (Ps 111.7m) and 46% of top five market share, followed by the UK on $5.3m (£4.1m) for 36% share, Russia on $5.2m (Rb 340m) for 51% share, Brazil on $5.1m (R$20m) for 53% share, Indonesia on $4.1m (IFR 58.5bn) for 55% share, South Korea on $3.9m (KRW4.4bn), and Australia on $3.4m (A$4.7m) for 45% share.

Shazam! opened in France on $2.8m (€2.5m), Taiwan on $2.8m (NT$86m), Malaysia $2.2m (MYR 9.1m) for 50% share, Thailand $1.9m (Baht 59m) for a remarkable 81% share of the top five, Italy $2.1m (€1.9m) for second place, Spain $1.7m (€1.5m) for second place, and Germany $1.4m (€1.2m) for the top result for a US film. Shazam! stars Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Asher Angel and Djimon Hounsou and opens in its final market Japan on April 19.

The LEGO Movie: The Second Part stands at $79.8m and $184.9m worldwide, and The Mule $66.5m and $170.3m worldwide.


UPDATED: Dumbo dropped 45% internationally and added $41.6m from 55 material territories to reach $139.6m.

China is the lead market on $18.7m, followed by the UK on $15.8m heading into the school holidays before Easter. Mexico stands at $14.7m, Italy $8.6m, Spain $8.1m, France $7m, Russia $6.3m, Japan $5.4m, Brazil $5.1m, and Australia $3.3m. Dumbo ranks number one in France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Belgium, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Captain Marvel added $14.3m for a $664.1m international running total, and $1.038bn worldwide to rank as the ninth highest superhero box office hit and the 30th highest of all global releases. It is the seventh Marvel Cinematic Universe film to have crossed $1bn worldwide.

Once again, China is the top market with $153.6m, followed by the UK on $45.5m, South Korea on $44.3m, Brazil on $36.2m, and Mexico on $32.6m.


Stephen King horror adaptation Pet Sematary grossed $17.3m in its opening weekend in the first 46 markets led by Paramount’s best horror debut in Russia on $3.1m in second place.

The horror, which stars Jason Clarke, John Lithgow and Amy Seimetz, opened in third place in both the UK and Mexico on $2m, second in Germany on $1.5m, third in Spain on $937,000, fifth in Australia on $854,000, fourth in Indonesia on $517,000, and second in Argentina on $470,000. In another record horror debut for the studio, Pet Sematary arrived in Ukraine at number two on $313,000. It opens this week in France, Brazil and South Korea.

Family animation Wonder Park added $3.3m from 35 for $18m, opening in France at number three on $2.2m, and in Taiwan at number five on $200,000. The film debuts this week in the UK, Australia, Mexico, Germany, and Spain.


UPDATED: Jordan Peele’s horror Us crossed $200m worldwide on Friday (April 5) as a $23.6m weekend haul elevated the running total to $216.3m. Internationally, the Get Out follow-up added $10m from 62 territories in play to stand at $64.2m from 63 overall, opening in Italy at number four on $720,000.

The horror added $1.9m in South Korea where it ranks fourth on $10.1m after two weekends. In other holds, Us grossed $1.2m for $4.5m in Australia after two, and $1.2m for $10.5m in market leader the UK after three. After three weekends, it stands at $4.6m in France, $3.8m in Germany, and $3.3m in Spain.

DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World brought in a further $1.7m for $352m internationally, and stands at $508.7m worldwide. Fighting With My Family stands at $14.4m through Universal and MGM markets, and $37m worldwide.


UPDATED: Romance Five Feet Apart added $4.2m from 39 markets to reach $21.4m, with Italy the top market to date on $4.6m after three weekends, followed by Brazil on $4.3m after three. Australia has produced $2.5m after two, Mexico $2.4m after three, and the UK $851,000 after three.


Bohemian Rhapsody added $1.3m for a $683.4m international running total and stands at $899.5m worldwide. Japan has generated $114.6m after 22 weekends, and China $13.3m after three.