UPDATE MAR 18: DreamWorks’ Need For Speed powered to an estimated $45.6m in its first international wave of 40 territories through Disney and Mister Smith territories.

The film had too much in the tank for Warner Bros’ 300: Rise Of An Empire, which added a confirmed $41.6m from more than 12,500 screens in 62 markets to reach an impressive $159.6m after two sessions.

But the weekend belonged to Need For Speed. The video game adaptation directed by Scott Waugh and starring Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots arrived at number one in China on a thunderous $21.2m, followed by table-topping debuts in Russia on $5.5m and the UK on $3.5m through eOne.

Malaysia produce a number one $1.9m result, while Australia delivered $1.4m, Brazil and Mexico $1.3m each and Italy $1.1m through Leone Group. The China result included approximately $2.4m from 138 Imax screens for a new March record.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) handles the US, Asia-Pacific region and Latin America while Mister Smith Entertainment licensed rights in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The early worldwide tally for Need For Speed stands at $63.4m factoring in the $17.8m number three North American debut. 

The film opens in Germany this week, Spain on April 4, France on April 16, South Korea on April 17 and Japan on June 7.

Frozen has reached $1.026bn and overtook The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on $1.017bn and Alice In Wonderland on $1.025bn to rank as the 15th biggest film of all time.

A $9.4m number one debut in Japan powered the weekend’s $10.4m international haul as the running total climbed to $630.2m. The lead market of South Korea has generated $76.8m, followed by the UK on $64.3m, Germany and China on $48m apiece and France on $42.6m.

UPDATE: Warner Bros Pictures International’s 300: Rise Of An Empire stayed top in Brazil as $3.5m from 776 elevated the tally to $10.9m. The action film ranks second in Russia where $3m from 1,399 resulted in $14.6m, and also ranks number one in Mexico as $2.9m from 1,540 boosted the score to $10.5m.

Germany produced $2.8m from 624 for $9.1m for second place, South Korea $2.8m from 485 for $10.6m, France $2.6m from 452 for $10.7m and the UK $2.2m from 795 for $9m.

  • 300: Rise Of An Empire stayed top in Italy on $1.7m from 496 for $6.1m and added $1.6m from 590 in Spain for $6.5m to rank second behind local debut Ocho Apellidos Vascos.

Australia added $1.4m from 467 for second place and a $5.2m tally.

The Lego Movie added $4.7m from 52 markets for $141.5m and stands at $49.6m in lead market the UK, $11.2m in France, $9.8m in Mexico and $6.6m in Spain. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug has grossed $686.4m.

  • UPDATE: Fox International reported that DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman grossed $16.6m from 63 markets to reach $86.9m, led by a number three hold in Russia on $2.4m from 2,016 for $8.8m after two sessions.

The family release took $1.5m from 623 in the second weekend in Spain for $3.7m and $1.6m from 982 in Germany for $6.2m after three. The Italian debut generated $1.2m from 603 for number three.

The Monuments Men added $8.3m for $54.4m, buoyed by a $3.5m number three debut in France on 524 and a $2.2m number one launch in Australia on 323.

The Grand Budapest Hotel added $2.2m from 368 in the UK for $6.9m after two weekends to rank second and arrived in Russia in fourth place on $1.2m from 554. Overall $7.1m from 13 markets boosted the tally to $20.4m.

El Crimen del Cacaro Gumaro opened at number two in Mexico on $2.2m from 1,092. The Book Thief added $1.3m from 16 markets for $46.7m.

  • StudioCanal’s fully financed thriller Non Stop starring Liam Neeson brought in a further $12.5m for a $59m running total. The film added $1.4m in the UK through StudioCanal for $11.5m.
  • UPDATE: Best picture Oscar winner 12 Years A Slave produced a further $6.5m from 66 Lionsgate International markets to reach $115.9m. The UK is the lead on $32.5m through eOne. Pompeii stands at $60.8m.
  • UPDATE: MGM and Columbia Pictures’ RoboCop added $5.3m from 62 markets for $178.1m. Of this total, Sony Pictures Releasing International markets have delivered $146.6m and MGM markets $31.5m.

The reboot added $3.9m from its third weekend in China on 3,900 screens to reach $48.8m. It has crossed £8m in the UK through StudioCanal and stands at £8.01m ($13.34m).

  • Pathé’s French comedy Super Condriaque added $4.5m for $35m.
  • UPDATE: Ocho Apellidos Vascos opened in Spain through Universal Pictures International on a mighty $3.9m from 321 venues, scoring the biggest original Spanish comedy debut of all time and the biggest launch in the territory for the year-to-date.

The Wolf Of Wall Street has grossed $109.4m from nine Universal markets and more than $230m overall including Red Granite International markets. 47 Ronin stands at $109.3m, Endless Love is on $8.2m, Ride Along $11.4m and Dallas Buyers Club $2.2m from nine Latin American territories.

  • Under The Skin opened in the UK through StudioCanal on a solid $381,000 from 47 screens.