JANUARY 20 UPDATE: Taken 3 has surged to the cusp of $100m in two weeks as $31.6m from 58 markets elevated the tally to $99.5m after three sessions.


UPDATE: The thriller added $5.2m to hold at number one in its second session in the UK to boost the score to $19.2m. There was a $2.4m number one debut in the Philippines on 218 screens and table-topping launches in Russia and Spain on $2.4m from 1,438 and $1.2m from 341, respectively.

Australia added $2.3m to stay top and climb to $8.9m after two.

Non-Fox markets generated $10.1m for $22.7m including $4.4m in Germany and $1m in Denmark.

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb delivered $18.6m from 67 as the running total soared to $181m after five sessions. China produced $5.4m for $39.5m after two sessions to rank third while South Korea generated a $3.8m number three debut on 500.

Russia produced $2.1m for $9.4m after two weekends, Brazil $1.2m for $9.1m after three, Mexico $774,000 for $15.2m after four and the UK $655,000 for $17.7m after five.

DreamWorks Animation’s Penguins Of Madagascar grossed $16.7m from 54 to reach $226.1m, buoyed by seven number one debuts.

Brazil led the way on $5.2m on 911, while Colombia produced $1.2m on 303, Peru $1m on 220 and Central America $937,000 on 156. Australia added $1.2m for $10.2m after three. South Korea stands at $10.8m through a non-Fox distributor after three.

Exodus: Gods And Kings added $10.8m this weekend from 54 to climb to $185.6m and opened top in Italy on $3.4m from 644. Brazil added $1.6m for $21.2m after four and Russia $1.2m for $18.4m after three. France has produced $13.2m after four and Venezuela $2.2m after two.

Birdman used its awards season momentum to generated $4.4m from 17 markets and climb to an early $13.5m, fired up by a $1.7m number six debut in Australia on 152.

The film garnered nine Oscar nominations last week and earned Michael Keaton the Golden Globe last weekend for best actor in a comedy or musical. It stands at $6.3m in the UK after three sessions and $2m in Spain after two.

Gone Girl has crossed $200m as $593,000 from 13 propelled the tally to $200.3m. Let’s Be Cops grossed $2.1m from four for $51.4m.


UPDATE: American Sniper, which soared to the top of the North American charts following a timely expansion in its fourth weekend, grossed $9.5m from eight markets to reach an early $26.5m.

The war film opened in second place in the UK on $3.8m from 429 screens to score Clint Eastwood’s biggest debut and added $4.3m on Monday for $8.1m. It arrived in South Korea on $1.2m from 302 for the director’s second biggest debut, riding to $1.4m by Tuesday.

In other highlights American Sniper opened top in Taiwan on $1m from 83 and second in New Zealand on $290,000 from 41 rising to $329,000 by Tuesday and approximately $147,000 in Peru for two further Eastwood records.

The film has been sensational in Italy, where the third weekend delivered $2.8m from 527 for $19.1m by Tuesday, leaving the film in second place behind Exodus: Gods And Kings.

American Sniper ranks as Warner Bros’ fourth biggest non-franchise release in Italy behind The Bodyguard, The Last Samurai and Troy.

The film arrives this week in Australia and debuts in France on February 18, Mexico on February 19, Spain on February 20, Japan on February 21 and Germany on February 26.

The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies grossed $9.9m, from 63 markets to reach $560.1m ahead of this week’s China debut.

After six weeks New Line-MGM’s fantasy final from Peter Jackson stands at $76.9m in Germany, $63m in the UK, $45.4m in France, $30,1m in Russia, $17.1m in Mexico and $12.7m in Japan.

After five South Korea has produced $22.1m, Spain $19.3m, Brazil $19.3m and Italy $17.2m. Australia has delivered $26.1m after four.

Horrible Bosses 2 has reached $51.6m from 30 territories and climbed to $1.8m in its second session in Italy. The UK remains the lead market on $5.9m followed by Australia on $5.5m.

Honig Im Kopf held on to its top berth in Germany where it added $5.9m for $34.8m after four sessions. The Warner Bros co-production with Barefoot Films stars Til Schweiger and stands at $37m from German-speaking Europe.


Seventh Son grossed $21.7m overall and climbed to $60.5m. Of this amount, $15m came from the China debut via Legendary East and the $6.7m balance from Universal Pictures International (see below.)

CJ E&M’s Miss Granny, the China-South Korea remake of the hit South Korean comedy, added $9m for $37m.


Into The Woods took $7.3m from 20 territories for an early $26m. The UK stands at $8.2m, Australia $6.3m, South Korea $2.4m and Russia $1.7m.

The musical opens in France on January 28, Brazil on January 29, Mexico on February 6, Germany on February 19, Japan on March 14 and Italy on April 2. 

Best animation Oscar nominee Big Hero 6 added $7.2m from 58 territories to reach $212.2m from a release pattern that so far has covered 61% of the international market place.

The film continued its strong run in Japan and stayed top for the third consecutive session to reach $51.6m after five. It now ranks as the second biggest Disney Animation release behind only Frozen.

Russia has generated $20.2m, Mexico $16.9m, Australia $14.3m, Italy $11.8m, Brazil $11.4m, Spain $9.8m, Argentina $7.4m, Malaysia $6.2m and Indonesia $5.4m and Colombia $4.5m.

Big Hero 6 opens this week in Germany, South Korea and Sweden followed by the UK on January 20, France on February 11 and China on February 28.


UPDATE: The Theory Of Everything benefitted from recognition by Golden Globe voters and the Oscar nominations as $8.1m from 20 territories propelled the Stephen Hawking drama to $31.8m.

The film opened at number three in Italy on $1.6m from 329 sites and arrived in second place in Spain on $976,000 from 227. The UK generated $3.5m in its third session for $18.5m.

There are 36 territories to go over the coming months including France this week.

Legendary’s Seventh Son, which Universal is distributing worldwide, grossed $6.7m from 34 for $45.7m, powered by a $2.9m number one debut in Mexico from 663 theatres.

The film amassed $15m through the number one Chinese debut via Legendary East, pushing the total international total to $63m. There are 22 territories to go.

Unbroken took $6.5m from 30 for $22.3m and opened in second place in Australia on $1.5m from 249 venues. Ouija added $3.8m from 14 for $39.9m and opened in fourth place in Venezuela on $337,000 from 30 sites. The horror film opens this week in Germany.

Blackhat opened in 19 territories day-and-date with the US and scored $2.1m, rising to $2.3m by Tuesday. Dumb And Dumber To stands at $23.1m from Universal’s seven territories and stands at $4.1m in Australia after two sessions.

Boyhood benefitted from the Oscar nominations and used a $452,000 haul from 23 Universal territories to climb to $21.6m. The studio will continue to release and re-release the coming-of-age drama in territories where it opened last year. The Water Diviner has grossed $11.3m via Universal in Australia and New Zealand.


The Imitation Game has crossed $100m worldwide as the international running total via FilmNation licensees climbed by $6.6m to $51.5m.

“This is a wonderful milestone for The Imitation Game,” said producer Teddy Schwarzman of Black Bear Pictures, which produced alongside Bristol Automotive. “We made this independent film for a fraction of a studio budget, and no-one involved ever imagined a day like today.

“It is a testament to our director, Morten Tyldum, screenwriter Graham Moore, our wonderful ensemble cast, and the hardest working crew imaginable, who came together to ensure Alan Turing’s legacy could find a much deserved place in history. Audiences worldwide are now ensuring this becomes a reality.”

In the third session the wartime drama added $1.4m in Australia for $9.7m, $1.3m in Italy for $6.5m and $2.7m in Spain. The UK has generated $23.2m after 10 sessions through StudioCanal (see below.)


Fury grossed $2.9m for $119.7m, of which $74.8m comes from Sony markets and the $44.9m balance via financier QED International’s markets.

The Brad Pitt war film opened in Argentina on $315,000 from 100 and climbed to $3.2m in the second weekend in Spain. Germany and Mexico stand at $3.3m and $3.2m after three sessions, respectively.

Annie added $1.7 from 24 territories for $22.2m, of which $17m comes via Sony and $5.2m from Village Roadshow territories.

The musical opened in Germany on $550,000 including previews from 403 screens and added $655,000 in its fourth weekend in the UK for $10.7m. It arrives this week in Mexico and Japan followed by Spain a week later.


Paddington added $1.4m (£920k,000) in the UK to reach $51.5m (£34m).

The Imitation Game used $293,000 (£191,000) weekend to climb to $23.2m (£15.1m).


The Gambler added $536,000 from five territories as the very early tally climbed to $1.7m. The Mark Wahlberg vehicle opens this week in the UK and Russia.