UPDATE: Paramount’s behemoth is off to a flying start and has raced to $80m internationally and $121.6m worldwide.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction arrived in Russia on $5.5m on Thursday (26) for the second biggest opening day ever and added $4.5m on Friday for $10.4m.

China produced $30m on Friday in what Paramount vice-chairman Rob Moore called the biggest ever Friday launch for a non-Chinese film.

Following China’s record midnight shows of $3.5m, of which $625,000 came from Imax. Paramount Pictures International (PPI) sources said this beat the previous midnight record holder Iron Man 3 by 70% and 2011’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon by 75%.

South Korea delivered $3m on Friday for a $9.1m running total, while there was an all-time opening day record in Taiwan on $1.5m, rising to an early $4.1m running total. Australia stands at $4.6m

Hong Kong produced $1m for the second biggest launch day ever and new records for a Paramount release and the franchise, roughly 37% ahead of the 2011 instalment.

Meanwhile the North American launch has generated $41.6m, including $8.8m from Thursday evening and midnight shows, of which Imax generated toughly $1.4m.

Paramount top brass expect total domination this weekend and have mostly dodged any clashes with the World Cup as they unleash Transformers: Age Of Extinction in 37 markets in total day-and-date with North America.

Elsewhere, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Maleficent has reached $362.3m and only has Japan to go on July 5.

Frozen stands at $859.4m, while Tinkerbell: Pirate Fairy on $48m opens in Spain and Panama and Muppets Most Wanted on $28.3m will have to take on World Cup fever when it opens in Brazil, who face Chile in a second round clash on Sunday.

Other highlights are anticipated in Australia, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s Edge Of Tomorrow has grossed $226.6m, while Godzilla has rampaged to $288.3m.

Blended has grossed more than $22m and opens in Spain and Mexico this weekend.

The Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore rom-com can expect to take a hit in Mexico, whose national team take on the Netherlands in the second round on Sunday. Jersey Boys arrives in Brazil.

DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 has generated $80.8m through Fox International, while X-Men: Days Of Future Past stands at $478.4m.

Comedy 22 Jump Street stands at $44n through Sony Picture Releasing International, which opens in Belgium. Heaven Is For Real enters Mexico, while there is a slew of mostly middle Eastern releases for Think Like A Man Too.

Transcendence has amassed $59.9m through Lionsgate International and opened in Mexico last weekend on $1.2m on 380 screens.