UPDATED MARCH 31: Captain America: The Winter Soldier smashed its way to the top of the international box office thanks to a confirmed $75m haul through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International. Meanwhile Paramount’s Noah was in exceptional form.

The Marvel Studios sequel starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel Jackson, Anthony Mackie and Robert Redford was active in 32 territories and scored $10.9m in South Korea, $10.7m in the UK, $8.7m in Mexico, $6.4m in France, $3.9m in Italy and $3.8m in Germany.

Captain America 2 delivered $3.5m in Malaysia, $3.4m in each of Taiwan and the Philippines, $2.8m in Spain and $2.4m in Singapore.

With debuts still to come in China and Russia, the film has grossed 39% of the original’s final international gross.

The film grossed $2.8m on 98 Imax screens led by the Netherlands on a $42,000 per-screen average, the UK on a $41,000 average and Taiwan on just over $33,000.

To add to the joy of Disney executives, Frozen added $8m for $674m and has become the biggest animation of all time at the global box office on $1.072bn.

The family phenomenon overtook Toy Story 3 ($1.064bn) and Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ($1.066bn) to rank as the tenth biggest global release in history. It ranks as the third biggest animation at the international box office.

Recent international box office champion Need For Speed brought in a further $13.3m to climb to a solid $130.4m. Muppets Most Wanted grossed $3.3m for an early $7.5m.

  • Paramount and Regency Enterprises’ Noah generated a further $33.6m from 22 markets to boost the early tally through Paramount Pictures International to $51.1m.

The session complemented the $44m number one North American launch and resulted in a mighty $95.1m worldwide baseline after the early stages.

Darren Aronofsky’s Biblical tale opened in 20 territories led by Russia and Australia. The $17.2m number one debut in Russia produced the biggest opening of all-time for a non-sequel and the fourth biggest launch.

This also set new marks for Paramount and Russell Crowe, who stars in the title role alongside Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins.

In Australia Noah produced $4.3m in a comfortable number one. Early pace-setters Mexico and South Korea led the holdovers on $3.4m for $11.3m and $2.8m for $12.4m, respectively.

The film opens this week in the UK, Germany, Brazil and Spain, followed by France on April 9, Italy on April 10 and Japan on June 13.

Noah is playing in eight Imax markets and delivered $1.6m from 65 screens as Russian sites produced a $42,000 per-screen average. The global Imax tally stands at $8.8m.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the continued strong performance internationally and look forward to sharing the excitement over the coming weeks with the rest of the world,” said PPI president Anthony Marcoly. “Darren and team have delivered a fantastic film that audiences on every continent are turning up in volumes to see.”

  • UPDATE: In one of the more dynamic weekends of recent times, Fox International executives reported a confirmed $7.7m number one debut for Rio 2 in Brazil that produced new marks for an animation and Fox launches in the territory. This was also the highest debut of 2014 so far.

Rio 2 grossed $14.5m overall from three markets and pulled off a mighty $6.4m second weekend in Russia for $21.1m. The early international running total stands at $30.1m.

DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman added $17.5m from 65 markets to reach $123.5m and opened at number two in China on $7.8m from 4,000 screens. The family release arrived in second place in Australia on $3.4m. It has amassed $10.6m in Russia and $7.1m in Spain after four weekends, $10.6m in France after seven and $7.9m in Germany after five.

Wes Anderson’s biggest international hit The Grand Budapest Hotel kept on delivering the goods as $7.6m from 29 territories pushed the tally to $45.3m. The comedy added $1.5m for $13.2m in its fourth weekend in the UK to rank third.

The Book Thief has grossed $50.9m and opened in second place in Italy on $1.4m. The Monuments Men grossed $7.8m for $72.2m, powered by a $4.9m number three debut in China. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty has taken $5.9m after two weekends in Japan and $126.9m overall.

  • UPDATED: 300: Rise Of An Empire added $8.4m through 65 Warner Bros Pictures International markets to stand at $213.9m. The film is tracking 1% ahead of 300 by the same fourth-weekend stage and has grossed $17.4m in Russia, $16.2m in Brazil, $15.3m in France, $14.3m in Mexico and $12.4m in the UK.

Germany has produced $12.8m, South Korea $12.5m, the UK $12.4m, Spain $8.4m, Italy $8.1m and Australia $7.3m.

The Lego Movie added $2.5m from 49 markets for $152.6m and has been most dominant in the UK where it stands at $52.2m. Mexico, Spain and Brazil have generated $9.9m, $6.9m and $5.6m, respectively. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug stands at $691.7m and Gravity $442.3m.

  • UPDATE: Universal distributes the Spanish rom-com Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Spanish Affairs) in Spain and the film stayed top for the third consecutive weekend on $7.1m from 352 sites for $21.8m. The remarkable result represented a 15% rise on the previous weekend and 79% more than opening weekend. Universal Pictures International executives did not provide details of the theatre count and any change over the previous two sessions.

The film took $3.4m on Saturday, marking the second biggest Saturday gross in history behind Avatar.

Ride Along has reached $14.5m and Endless Love $9m. The Wolf Of Wall Street has grossed $110.6m from eight Universal territories.

  • MGM and Columbia Pictures’ RoboCop reboot stands at $151.4m.