Shooting is due to startthis summer in LA for the 5.5m Brando And Brando, producer Norma Heyman(Dangerous Liaisons) ofHeyman-Hoskins Productions confirmedyesterday.

The movie, to be directed byTunisia's Ridha Behi from his own script, is about a young boy who comes to theUS in search of the American dream - Brando. "It's one of the best scripts Ihave ever read in my life," said Heyman. "It made me weep."

Behi's (Secret Obsessions, Les Anges) first English-language script alsocaught Brando's eye, and the American icon spent months working over the scriptwith the Tunisian director in Los Angeles, making "significantchanges".

Brando And Brando is set to be an Anglo-French (George Campanard of Breakout Films) andTunisian co-production with negotiations ongoing at Cannes over sales anddistribution. "There are offers on the table," said Heyman. "Marlon Brando hasturned down every single film - but Ridha's script has done the trick. It'svery special."