Former Senator Entertainment board member Borris Brandt has been appointed the new general manager of Cologne-based Endemol Productions, while his predecessor Werner Schwaderlapp has been promoted to the post of president of the German holding of the Dutch entertainment concern which consists of the 100% subsidiary Endemol Productions, a 40% stake in the infotainment producer META and 50% in the call TV producer HURRICANE.

Brandt will head up a new management team including Gabriele Ruschin (Entertainment+ Infotainment), Susanne Wagner (Fiction), Rainer Laux (Development) along with existing Endemol executive Christian Rottmann (Marketing).

Ruschin had been working as an executive producer for Endemol in Cologne since 1997, while Wagner had been the managing director of the Dutch concern's Munich-based production outfit Endemol Filmproduktion since1999, and Laux had made a name for himself as the producer of the German version of the highly popular and controversial Big Brother show.

An official communique reported that Schwaderlapp will serve in the near future as the coordinator for Endemol's German operations to be "extended and broadened, mainly by participations and acquisitions in the field of TV and online production".

In addition, Endemol announced that Wibo van den Linde, Schwaderlapp's predecessor as president of the German holding, will serve as a special adviser for German affairs in the future.