New York-based Braven Films is launching with more than $6m in private funding to develop feature screenplays and further funds available to produce select projects.

The company will embrace films with potential for distribution across all platforms. Braven will be run by Frida Torresblanco, who served for eight years as the head of Alfonso Cuaron’s Esperanto label and produced Pan’s Labyrinth and Rudo Y Cursi.

Torresblanco’s partners at Braven include Eric Laufer, Giovanna Randall, Joseph Swiader, who will serve as the company’s head of business development, and Eugenia Silva. Laufer and Randall are the main investors while Silva is also an investor and artistic advisor.

The first project is Trevi, based on the life story of musician Gloria Trevi, the ‘Mexican Madonna’ whose career was overshadowed by her five-year incarceration in a Brazilian prison.

Swiss-born Christian Keller makes his feature directorial debut and Barrie Osborne (The Lord Of The Rings, The Matrix, Face Off) will produce with Torresblanco.

“Braven is going to be first and foremost about attracting the best writers, directors and actors and bringing intelligent and contemporary films with a global appeal to audiences,” Torresblanco said.

“Braven hopes to provide film-makers not only creative freedom and financial support, but also to foster their artistic growth. Trevi is the perfect inaugural project for us because Gloria Trevi embodies everything we want our films to be about – she was inspirational, creative, provocative, and intriguing on so many levels.”

Laufer also serves as president and founder of the Laufer Wind Group and Idalia Solar Technologies. Randall is the president and chief designer of women’s luxury clothing brand Honor, set to debut this month. Swiader has almost 20 years of experience in the finance and institutional investment industries, while Silva is an attorney and model and serves as worldwide brand ambassador for Armani and Chopard.