Universal/Working Title's BridgetJones: The Edge Of Reason passed$50m in the UK at the weekend, grossing an estimated $14.6m overall on 1,887screens in 24 territories through UIP to raise its international cumulativetotal to $84m.

The romantic comedy sequeladded $5.6m (£3m) on 484 in its third weekend in the UK to raise its tally to$50.3M (£27m), making it Universal's fourth biggest grossing title ever in theterritory in US$ and the fifth biggest in £ sterling.

Bridget ranked second in the UK behind the opening of BuenaVista International's (BVI) The Incredibles. By way of comparison it is tracking 28% ahead of2001's Bridget Jones's Diary in £sterling and 63% ahead of in US$.

There were several otherinternational launches, including UIP's second biggest opening ever in Russiabehind 2 Fast 2 Furious on$840,000. Paid previews on Thursday of $329,000 were the biggest ever.

As an illustration of howrapidly the Russian market is developing, the 2001 original opened there on$50,000 on 23 screens.

The picture opened in thirdplace in Mexico on $375,000 on 146 screens, roughly on a par with BridgetJones's Diary.

In Singapore the romanticcomedy opened second behind the second weekend of The Incredibles on $255,000 on 26. It opened top in theFrench-speaking part of Switzerland on $330,000 on 26.

After two weeks at the topin Australia, Bridget slipped tosecond behind the opening of BVI's National Treasure. It added $1.3m on 259, dropping 48% for $10.4m, andis expected to pass the original's $11.4m final total this week.

Bridget Jones: The EdgeOf Reason remained top in NewZealand on $432,000 on 61, dropping 28% for $1.3m after 11 days, and isexpected to pass the original's $1.8m final total this week.

It ranked second in itssecond weekend in Spain on $1.9m for a $5.2m running total. UIP has 29territories still to open including Germany and Brazil next weekend.

Horror hit The Grudge ranked fourth in its fourth weekend in the UK, whereit added $858,000 (£461,000) on 281 and dropped 42% for $13.2m (£7.4m). UIP executivessaid it has passed the current total of Saw.

German comedy smash SevenDwarfs grossed $2.6m on 841 screensin three territories to raise its international running total to $48.6m.

After four weeks at the topin Germany the picture relinquished its grip, slipping to second place behindthe launch of National Treasure.It added $2.2m on 723 for an astonishing $41.6m cumulative total.

Dwarfs ranked second in Austria behind National Treasure on $175,000 on 79 for $4.6m.