Universal/Working Title's BridgetJones: The Edge Of Reason continuedto dominate the international market for UIP at the weekend, fired up by astring of number one debuts in Europe and some strong holds as it added anestimated $20.9m on 1,800 screens in 18 territories for $59.3m.

The romantic comedy stayedtop in the UK on $10m (£5.4m) after a 35% drop for a $39m (£21m) cumulativetotal and is tracking 82% ahead of 2001's Bridget Jones's Diary in US$ and 43% ahead in £ sterling. It is alreadyUniversal's fifth biggest grossing title ever in the market in US$ and seventhbiggest in £ sterling.

In Australia, Bridget held on to top spot with $2m after a 41% drop for an$8.2m running total, while the sequel opened top in Spain with 23% market shareon $2.3m on 313 screens for Working Title's biggest and Universal's ninthbiggest ever opening, roughly 62% bigger than the 2001 original.

Other number one openingswere just as impressive. Norway produced an outstanding $1m on 78 for bothcompanies' biggest opening weekends and opening days of all time, whileDenmark's $526,000 on 66 screenswas Working Title's biggest and Universal's third biggest ever opening behind VanHelsing and Jurassic Park: TheLost World.

Portugal yielded $410,000 on50 for Universal's third biggest opening weekend ever behind 2 Fast 2Furious and Jurassic Park: TheLost World, while the $106,000opening day was a new record for Working Title.

Israel produced $275,000 on32 for Universal's and Working Title's biggest opening ever there, roughly 9%bigger than the original.

Bridget snapped up 51% market share in New Zealand, where$560,000 on 62 was Universal and Working Title's biggest opening weekend everand scored roughly 167% ahead of the 2001 release.

In Sweden Bridget took $675,000 on 80 and ranks neck and neck withBuena Vista International's The Incredibles. This was Universal's fourth biggest debut andWorking Title's biggest ever and it opened 16% bigger than the original, allthe more impressive bearing in mind that the 2001 picture opened on aWednesday.

South Africa opened top onFriday on $365,000, which if it stands will be Universal's seventh biggestopening weekend and rank 36% ahead of the original.

In the Netherlands the pictureadded $825,000 on 96 in its second weekend, dropping 27% for an excellent $2.3mrunning total there. The picture is due to open in six territories next weekendincluding Mexico and Russia.

Horror hit The Grudge ranked second in the UK after dropping 45% in itsthird weekend with $1.6m (£880,000) on 358 for an $11.8m (£6.3m) cumulativetotal.

Germany's comedy smash SevenDwarfs remained number one for thefourth consecutive weekend with 20% market share. It added a superb $4.2m aftera 35% slide for $38.8m to date.

In Austria it also stayedtop for the fourth weekend in a row on $350,000 on 84 for $4.3m, while theGerman-speaking part of Switzerland has grossed $2m in 25 days. Overall thepicture added $4.8m on 892 screens in three markets for $45.1m.