Universal'sromantic comedy sequel Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason goes out in its first major marketsthrough UIP this weekend, beginning with Australia on Nov 11 on 300 prints andthe UK a day later on 750.

Strong resultsare on the cards given the performance of the 2001 original. Bridget Jones'sDiary opened top inAustralia in the last weekend of July 2001 and grossed $3.9m on 323 screens inits first seven days, and opened top in the UK over Apr 13-15 2001 on $8.2m in417 theatres.

TheIncredibles gets a slewof openings through Buena Vista International (BVI) this weekend as it embarkson what the brief yet barnstorming history of Pixar suggests will become ahighly successful run.

The animation picture, currently number one in the USfollowing a record $70.5m three-day debut for domestic distributor Buena Vista,was set to open in the Philippines and an exclusive appointment in Paris on Nov10, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark on Nov 12, and Taiwan a day later.

BVI opensMiramax's romantic comedy Shall We Dance in Mexico on Nov 12 and South Korea a day later. Thepicture has grossed $14m from BVI markets to date.

I, Robot has a shot at passing $200m for FoxInternational this weekend. The sci-fi thriller has no major debuts lined upand will rely on strong holdovers to push it past the milestone. It has taken$198.1m thus far and is set to go out in China on Nov 25.

The comedy Taxi opened in Australia on Nov 11 on 162; ithas amassed $2.5m from the early stages of its run. It is scheduled to roll outin Europe throughout January and February 2005.

Another FoxInternational comedy, Dodgeball, has amassed $49.8m in international ticket sales and should pass$50m with the help of holdovers and a small opening in South Korea on Nov 12 on25 prints.

Columbia TriStarFilm Distributors International (CTFDI) opens the action sequel Anacondas in France on Nov 10 on 250 and the UK onNov 12 on 125. Anacondas has taken $23.6m so far.

Mystery TheForgotten opens inGermany on Nov 11 on 362; it has grossed $11.9m to date. Comic book adaptation ThePunisher goes out inJapan on Nov 13 on 80; it has taken $20m through all distributors, while thecomedy White Chicksis on $31.4m and opens in Brazil on Nov 12 on 170.

New LineInternational's thriller Cellular will be seeking to boost its $3.9m running total with debuts inRussia through Warner Bros on Nov 11 on 135 screens, Spain through Tri-Pictureson Nov 12 on 250 and Brazil on the same day through PA Pictures on 130.

Paramount's TheManchurian Candidate,currently on a $5.9m international cumulative total, opens through UIP inGermany on Nov 11, and Brazil, Italy and Spain on Nov 12.

Warner BrosPictures' wartime epic A Very Long Engagement has grossed $21.4m to date in France,Belgium and the French-speaking part of Switzerland, while horror prequel Exorcist:The Beginning (Warner Bros owns rights in limitedterritories) has taken $16.8m, and Troy is on $364m.