Universal's BridgetJones: The Edge Of Reason and BuenaVista International's (BVI) The Incredibles should both pass $100m at the international boxoffice this weekend with a handful of major launches and strong holdoversexpected elsewhere.

Bridget opened in Germany through UIP on Dec 2 on 765prints, and goes out in Brazil on Dec 3 on 150 and Taiwan a day later on 72.Its current international running total is $89.8m.

A strong German bow is onthe cards bearing in mind that Bridget Jones's Diary opened in second place on $1.9m in 506 theatres inlate August 2001, added $2.7m in its second weekend despite dropping theatres,and secured top spot in its third, fourth and fifth weekends.

The Incredibles follows up last weekend's extraordinary major marketopening salvo with a raft of launches that includes Japan on Dec 4.

The Pixar hit has grossed$65.3m from its run to date and BVI executives will no doubt be salivating atthe prospect of a strong Japanese debut, bearing in mind that Finding Nemo opened top there in December 2003 on $10.3m.

When The Incredibles passes $100m it will become BVI's sixth title to doso this calendar year, equally the company's record set in 1997.

Elsewhere, BVI releases thefirefighting drama Ladder 49 inMexico on Dec 3. The picture has grossed $6.9m to date. Latest figures for NationalTreasure put the action-adventure on$9.2m in the early stages of its run.

Warner Bros PicturesInternational opened The Polar Express in France on Dec 1, followed by Italy and Spain on Dec 3. Its currentinternational running total is $13.3m.

Alexander, to which the distributor holds limitedinternational rights, goes out in Mexico through Warner Bros on Dec 3. Thatpicture has grossed more than $7.5m so far through all distributors.

Latest international runningtotals released by Warner Bros executives put Catwoman on $41.9m, A Very Long Engagement on $34.2m, and Exorcist: The Beginning on $24.1m.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational opened mystery The Forgotten in France on Dec 1 on 280, followed by Russia on Dec 2 on 121 and SouthKorea on Dec 3 on 82. The international cumulative total is $26.4m.

Christmas With The Kranks will hope to build in its first major internationalweekend, with debuts in Australia on Dec 2 on 223, the UK, Spain and Brazil on350, 151 and 150 screens respectively.

White Chicks opens in Italy on Dec 3 on 200 and has grossed $37mto date.

It's a quite weekend for FoxInternational, which has romantic comedy The Girl Next Door in Italy on Dec3 on 70 screens and several pick-upsin smaller markets elsewhere.

Latest figures put thecomedies Dodgeball and Garfield on $51.8m and $119.6m respectively, and the sci-fithriller I, Robot on $201.2m.